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Aka Gaaki

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A Wandering Fool

Name: Aka Gaaki
Nickname: Aki, Scroll Kunoichi
Age: 17
Birthday: July 4

Eyes: Sea green
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin: Dirty white, tanned in some areas
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110
Build: Slender, tough and wiry, well toned muscles
Blood Type: B
Sun Sign: Cancer
Gemstone: Pearl

Likes: Fighting people, watching Kabuto experiment, writing out her scrolls, learning how to read, and getting unexpected ideas out of no where.
Dislikes: Making Orochimaru or Kabuto mad, failing at a mission, staring death in the face, weeds, and sweet potatoes.

Strong Points: Scroll attacks, illusions, and always keeping a positive attitude.
Has Trouble With: Being on a team for a long time, not knowing when to stop, actually learning how to read, and seeing far away.

Dream: To grow old and live in a peaceful village where there are no ninjas or other things to cause chaos and wars.

Personality: Aki is a very bouncing girl. She is energetic and loves a good fight. She obeys orders and understands that she is one of the expendable members of the Sound Village, but it doesn't stop her from being bouncy.

Personal History:

Aki was born in the Hidden Village of Cloud to wandering ninjas who traversed from country to country selling 'miracle healing potions'. They never had a specific place to live, and the only thing they knew was travel. In her youth, Aki was able to see almost all the major countries (minus Sand) and a few hidden ones. During her travels, Aki had also unknowingly met a future member of the Akatsuki because of her parents. It was the first and last time that Aki had met Hidan in his village of Yugakure (Aki states that she doesn’t know what’s become of the little boy she once met, but remarks that seldom did he ever curse and he had seemingly violent intentions because of how he spoke. She does not know that Hidan is now a member of the Akatsuki).

Her mother taught her that money, clothing, a stable home, and more isn’t a need in the world but it is always good to have a positive attitude even when the outcome looks bleak. She was taught to not rely on worldly goods as they can be replaced at any time but friendships and bonds with the people you love cannot be replaced.

When Aki was seven, she witnessed her mother and father’s murder as a missing-nin had viciously cut them down in anger after a member of their group pestered and harassed the man. She barely escaped with her life as he continued attacking the other members of their group.

Three days after the attack, three civilians found Aki where she had been hiding the entire time. Hungry, alone, and utterly afraid, they took Aki from the foul smelling area and to their village in Grass where she stayed and grew for several years. She was handed over to a couple, Kaito and Mei Maeda who had been trying to have a child for years. Mei had three births (the children came out dead) and four miscarriages. Nearing her fifties, they had nearly given up until Aki came into their care. From then on, she was raised with the utmost love and care they would have given to their many children if they had survived. They were very protective of her and raised her with slightly different beliefs to her parents but both beliefs were almost parallel. When they tried to teach her they began to notice that Aki had a reading problem. When Aki turned ten, they took her to a medic-nin and she was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia.

At this point in time, Aki was able to go to school if she wanted to become a ninja. She had contemplated the idea for a while and eventually confided in her foster parents. They were hesitant about it at first but Aki explained that she did not want to be weak and she wanted the ability to defend herself and those around her. With this, they agreed and let her. Learning was very difficult for her. She required tutors to help her with the reading and writing portions as well as attempting to do simple Genjutsu techniques from books. During her time at school, Aki became intrigued with various weapons and began trying different weapons which ranged from large shurikens to needles to fans. None seemed to settle her but at this point, she settled for using ribbons until she found something better.

One year before she was scheduled to take the Chunnin exams, she was assigned to team three. The group consisted of Sho, a young boy who seemed to jump at the chance to fight, Isamu, another young boy who was reserved and very open to different opinions, and finally, their leader, Toshio who was a difficult teacher to understand (if he wanted one thing then he meant something else. If he was silent for a while, you wouldn’t know if he was angry, wanted something or was tired. He never emitted his true intentions). During their time together, Aki began finding herself more attracted to Sho. She admired his bravery, humor, and personality but grew to dislike how he constantly wanted to fight with someone or something. He would often start arguments with other teams just to fight, nothing more. Aside from this fault, Aki would find herself coming over to his home constantly just to be close to him. She enjoyed his company and was convinced this was what 'love' felt like.

A few months after her twelfth birthday, Aki was transferred to Sunagakure with her team to join the Chunnin exams (which were being held in Sand at the time). She failed the writing portion and exceeded expectations in the last two exams. During the second exam Toshio disappeared. Her team did not take his disappearance well and Sho was convinced they didn’t need him anymore. During the exam, the team accidentally became lost and Aki found Sho in a sand trap. Too caught up in himself, Sho decided he didn’t need her help and repeatedly refused it. Aki eventually attached one of her ribbons to his wrist in attempted to pull him out but once he sank, the ribbon snapped and Sho was considered dead at that point. Aki would sit in front of the sand trap for a few more moments before getting up, determined to not mourn over his loss as they both knew the consequences of the exam.

The third exam was difficult for her but with wit and speech, she passed each challenge that she faced. After it was announced that she was a Chunnin, Toshio reappeared and explained that he wanted to see if they had matured enough to go on without their teacher’s advice. Isamu and Aki proved that they were but Sho had not, which was why he refused Aki’s help and died.

She continued to live in Grass and as time passed, went through various team mates (mostly because they either got fed up with her or because they died of foolishness during missions). Isamu used to call her a hazard case and that only the bravest of the brave could team up with her. Isamu would eventually leave later as well but transfer to the ANBU squad in Konoha once he turned eighteen.

Ten days after her seventeenth birthday, Aki’s teacher confronted her and confessed that he had noticed she had been slowly getting weaker or lazier. That day, she had taken a mission alone and half way out of Grass she met Orochimaru. Together they travelled peacefully and halfway to Konoha, Aki became incredibly intrigued with Orochimaru. Once they reached Konoha’s border, a surprise attack was launched to infiltrate the village nearby. Aki helped the borders ninjas against the attack (one of the attacks blinds her for a moment but the lasting effect is she cannot see things far away anymore) then shortly afterwards, Orochimaru questioned her beliefs. After this, she never returned to Grass, leaving behind her foster parents, teacher and friends.

Aki ended up following Orochimaru back to Rice Field where he had been slowly gathering other ninja’s to create the Sound Village. There, she would later meet Kabuto and around three years later meet Sasuke, who later makes her almost deaf in her right ear after blasting an attack during training.

During her time at Sound, Aki began to slowly calm down. She seemed to become stable around people but maintained a positive attitude in the village. It annoyed some of its residents to no end but she would eventually beat them down upon request if they felt it was necessary to ‘put her in her place.’ At one point, Aki would ask Kabuto for assistance in learning how to read and he accepted the rigorous task of doing so and Aki began learning much more than her previous teachers had taught her. By the time Shippuden begins, Aki’s reading level will be the equivalent of a fifth graders in our world.

After the Sound Village disbanded in Shippuden, Aki is left alone. She feels at a loss not knowing whether or not Orochimaru or Kabuto are alive but she ends up roaming the land like her parents did before her. During this time, Aki found herself in the country of Lightning and discovered a pendant. After toying with it for a brief period of time, she found that it had the ability to go into the subconscious of someone sleeping, knocked out or in a coma and give them what they want the most. In reality, the user stands and begins to walk and will keep walking forever or until they reach a ledge of some sort. The victim can be easily deterred if someone stops them but it is Aki’s choice if they ever stop walking. Ultimately, if she does not release them, they will continue, or attempt to continue walking. She also added two new scrolls to her belt after this discovery.

Aki began listening to people carefully for a while as she traveled and eventually connected that Orochimaru has possibly died and a team is searching for Kabuto. After hearing this, Aki leaves the Lightning country in search of Kabuto.

Aki was in Kiri (Country of Water) when Pein destroyed Konoha.

Aki uses mainly Taijutsu attacks along with her scrolls in Part I. During Shippuden, she begins to rotate between Taijutsu, her scrolls and Genjutsu.

Part I Attacks


After a scroll is used twice or the paper is damaged, Aki must replace the scroll with an entirely new one (the max a scroll can be used is at least two times). Each scroll takes twenty minutes to write out since Aki must carefully paint each symbol on slowly and with perfection or the scroll will not work. The process could be done at a faster speed if Aki knew how to read but instead, she painstakingly memorized each symbol and each stroke so that her techniques can work in battle.

(Temporary Copy) - Only works for five minutes (max). It cannot permanently copy. Can only copy low level jutsu’s. It will disappear once used.

(Encasement) – Encases opponents in a shell which can be broken by ice or strong attacks (The opponent must be stronger than Aki in order to break the shell).

Millie Knives – Uses small amounts of chakra. Chakra-like knives appear then attack the opponent and disappear after the user stops using chakra or the scroll is destroyed.

(Defense) – Is able to pick up Earth elements and protect the user from one side.


Deaths Grace - The user begins by getting the victim as close to their body as possible by any means necessary. The user then viciously attacks the victim with their palms, directly hitting the Thoracic diaphragm (below the front of the rib cage), causing the victim to lose their breath or lose consciousness (depending on how hard the user strikes the victim). The user may also attack the floating ribs (last three ribs of the rib cage) from either side of the victim, causing the bones to crack easily and possibly puncture or collapse a lung.

Spirit Hawks Destruction - The user must first be in the air, preferably above the victim before this attack is used. Once the user has gained momentum, the user may then use the attack. The attack begins by spinning the user in the air then violently throwing the user back to the Earth. The user only has moments to re-direct themselves before impact. The user then hits the ground with their fist, causing the victim to become unstable as the area around them collapses. The user then quickly kicks the victim high into the air (preferably by the spine or stomach) and makes the appropriate hand gestures to complete the technique. After the hand gestures are completed, a faint hawk will appear above the user and fly after the victim. It will maliciously attack the victim then drag it throw it back down to Earth where it will attempt to cut open the users vital points with its claws before disappearing.

Guardians Trap - (Learned while living at Sound) Primarily used with scrolls that are no longer usable. The user uses discarded scrolls (only discarded scrolls as this is somewhat of a recycling jutsu) and entraps the opponent by wrapping the scroll around them. The scroll is then lit from the user’s side and the scrolls then act like a bomb. Once the fire reaches the opponent, the scroll explodes, causing the opponent to burst into flames.

Amethyst’s Soul - (Learned while living at Sound) Used only as a temporary defense. When the user’s chakra is low, they are able to create an incredibly strong shield with only a small bit of chakra that will only last for possibly ten minutes. The shield is impervious to many attacks and can possibly even withstand Kage attacks (but in return, the time limit on the shield will decrease and the user will only have one to three minutes of defense depending on the attacks). The shield can only be used when the users chakra has been drained to a certain point.

Part II Attacks

Fandom: Naruto