Spirit Archer
Sanctuary, Shine


Chapter Nine

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You felt good, oh so good. The Batman had given you new clothing to wear shortly after you had agreed to do whatever he said. It felt a little odd wearing new pants and a long sleeved shirt that was actually clean but it felt good. He even gave you new shoes and provided you a black wig with weird highlights in them. You felt like one of those indie or punk kids that you saw on the street every day. You asked if you could have accessories but he just glared. It felt like you pushed it a little far but you felt so good! Aside from the clothes, he had given you a new name to go under and a small microphone that you would be in your ear, covered by your fake hair. With that, you were able to hear everything he was telling you. You felt like… like..

“Bond. James Bond,” you cracked out as you walked down the slums near the Narrows smacking gum and looking for anyone who would seem like a mob lackey.

“Remember what I told you,” you heard his voice through the transmitter and nodded to no one.

You stood at a corner and began looking around. Homeless here, homeless there. Falcones lackies here and there, some prostitutes walking around, you suddenly felt at a loss.

“Hey, how much do you charge?” you heard a man ask behind you. You shivered and looked over your shoulder to see a rather bulky man. He looked like a dunce.

“The same that your mom paid for last night,” you replied then jumped back when he made a grab for you.

“Get back here!” he growled then made another grab but you jumped back again.

“I have a question for you,” you jumped again, “do you know anyone named Scarecrow?”

He stopped and looked at you curiously, “who wants to know?”

“I do, smartass,” you smirked, “I heard he’s planning something and I want in.”

“Oh?” he stood straight and looked straight down at you as if you were a business partner, no longer a lady of the night, “well then, what can you do?”

“Many things, I mostly fix machines but I can do other things too,” you repeated what the voice in your ear said. The man stood silent as he thought, “I’m very useful,” you added in a low voice as you kept your hands behind your back and circled around him, “I can help him get what he wants, when he wants it.”

“Why do you want to help him?” the man asked, you stopped.

“Tell him because you heard he was giving out good money,” Batman said. You thought differently.

“They’re all scum. See, do something they want and they’re fine. Do something they don’t want and they explode. It’s sort of like stomping on an ant hill and watching all the little red things run around in panic. Then again, it’s so much fun to do it!”

“I want to help him create a bit of chaos,” you started, “an explosion of insanity in this beaten city. Each person in this city is worthless. They all follow rules each and every day. They always expect certain things to happen but if you throw something different in the mix, they explode into a mad frenzy, somewhat like stomping on an ant hill. Watching them run around is so much fun!” you laughed and smirked. You felt your stomach churn as the twisted mans words floated through your mind.

“What are you doing?!” Batman cried through your earpiece but you ignored him.

“You’ve done this before?” the man asked, you nodded.

“If I hadn’t, why would I be looking for Scarecrow?”

“Good point, come with me,” you smiled stupidly behind him as you followed. You heard Batman sigh but you felt triumphant. How far would you have gotten with ‘I want in for the money?’ In order to be a (twisted) criminal, you had to think like one. Hoohah.

It took some time but you eventually were led to a place past the slums and into the Narrows. It was darker her than in the slums and everything seemed dirtier. You had never traveled into the Narrows for fear of mobsters since it was their area. You had always stayed hiding if you needed to get through it, never looking at anyone.

The man led you through a few alleyways, past condemned buildings and finally into one. The building looked like it was in shambles, like it was ready to fall at any minute. You felt insecure being there but you never showed it. The man led you through a room full of men playing board games, poker, pool or just talking in general. Some people called out to you as others ignored you. You recognized two of the men who had held you down. The only reason you remembered them was because they were sporting new bruises here and there that you had made earlier during the night. Or was it the same night that Scarecrow had kidnapped you? You didn’t know the time at the moment and had failed to ask Batman what the date was. You felt slightly loss without the knowledge of time back in your mind.

The man took you to an elevator and up you went. The elevator felt like it was about to fall and you silently thought about haunting Scarecrow if it fell and you died.

“What’s your name?” the man asked, trying to make a bit of small talk.

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” you simply said without looking away from the elevator doors.



“Great,” he said. The elevator stopped and the doors opened to a hallway.

‘It must have been an old apartment complex,’ you thought as he guided you down the hallway and knocked on a door then opened it. He led you in and a few men were standing around a table with blue prints in front of them. None of them had a mask.

‘Set up!?’ you thought. Your insides cried danger and instincts told you to run away but you stood next to the door as the man spoke.

“Yo, boss, sorry to disturb you but this girl wants in,” he pointed at you.

All the men standing around the table looked at you. You wanted to shrink but then there was that little voice inside your head.

“Don’t look afraid. If you look afraid, they may not accept you,” damn you, Batman.

“Oh?” one man stood straight. He looked thin and a bit pale. His glasses made him look geekish. He reminded you of some kids you used to poke fun at back when you were younger in school.

‘Dear God, if he’s one of the kids I bullied that one time, I will die,’ you thought, remembering that you had bullied one kid on a dare from your friends. Horrible, yeah but it was either that or they were going to give you numerous wet willies and pink bellies. You never liked pink bellies.

“What can you do?” he asked curiously. You briefly explained and he stood silent for a bit. A few men whispered to each other. Some looked at you disapprovingly while others looked at you in another sort of way, something that you didn’t like.

“Fine then,” he sat down, “she can help with fixing what’s broken or be another hand. If she slacks, kill her,” you made a face.

“Do you think I’m going to slack off because I’m a woman?” oh God. You hated people who looked down on people just because they were this or they were that. You also heard Batman tell you to shut up but you glared at the man.

“Of course not, I think you’ll do fine,” he smiled at you. You shivered, “how about this instead. If you slack off, you’ll just get hit with a bit of my fear toxin, alright?” his smile was sickeni-

Wait, his fear toxin? That was Scarecrow! Damn, if he didn’t look so mad, you would have felt very attracted to him. Actually, you did at the moment but it was the wall of insanity that separated you two.

“Whatever,” you scoffed, pretending you had never heard of fear toxin before. If you were hit with it, you would have to pretend you were afraid of everything. Batman briefly reminded you that you were immune to it and hoped you never encountered it or else everything might fail.

“You can take her away now,” Scarecrow shooed the two of you away and the man closed the door behind you as you stepped back out into the hallway.

“I knew you could do it,” the man patted your head as he walked back to the elevator.

“Wait, what?” what was with this sudden turn of kindness? Just a few minutes ago, he wanted you in bed, now he was congratulating you?

“Since you’re here now, we can…,” he slightly moved closer to you and you pushed him into the elevator wall.

“I will kill you,” you threatened, he laughed.

“I like that in women,” you were thankful the elevator ride was short and quickly exited once the doors opened.

You looked around the room for a moment. It was the same room you came in earlier. The men at the pool table called you to play a game of pool with them but you didn’t really know how to.

‘If I ask, they’ll probably try to get a feel every so often,’ you thought as you walked over to the poker table, “mind if I join?”

Some men looked up and nodded their heads while others kept their heads down. One man stood up, got you a chair and you sat down. Wow, nice criminals, seriously.

One week. One week you had been following Scarecrow’s lackies, fixing things, whacking machines on, beating Eric off with a wrench and following Scares every move while Batman listened closely. You were almost caught at one point but before you panicked, Batman led you through a process of what you should have been doing during the situation. You were even asked to kill someone but you had been feeling sick that day from eating something foul in that morning’s breakfast they had provided and when they gave you a gun you hurled right then and there. Eric proceeded in taking you away to rest but you were glad. If you didn’t vomit, you didn’t know how you would have gotten out of that situation. Killing someone? It was so different from stealing, it was taking a life. You didn’t know how it felt ‘nor did you ever want to.

“We’re going to Arkham today,” Eric walked around a table that stood in the middle of the room while you sat on the arms of an arm chair, using its arms as support for your head and knees.

“Why?” you chirped, playing with your fingernails, “the crazies live there.”

He chuckled, “because we’re going to fix one of the machines that help makes Scarecrows toxin,” you formed an ‘o’ with your mouth.

“I have a question,” you shifted your head, trying to get comfortable again, “when is Scarecrow going to make Gotham go crazy? I’m patiently waiting but I’ve heard nothing yet.”

“I think from what I heard, he’s waiting from an okay from someone else,” Eric walked along the walls closest to you, he obviously looked bored.

“Wait,” you shifted so that you were looking up at him from the chair, “you mean he’s not the head honcho?” he shook his head.

“Some guy named.. Raul? Paul? Randy? Some guy with a last name Gaul, Gah, Ghul? Gah. He’s head of everything. I heard he’s just using Scarecrow,” Eric sat his big rear down where you head used to be before you quickly stood up.

“So we’re just damn pawns?” you cried out. Yeah, you were working for Batman but it totally bummed you out now knowing that you were just helping some evil guy’s lackie as being HIS lackie!

Wait, what?

‘Shut up, conscious,’ you thought angrily as began to stomp around.

“We were always pawns, why are you so worked up about it now?” he eyed you as you began kicking a chair.

“Because I thought I was helping–oh never mind. I’m tired,” you shook your head then waved your arms in the air, hoping you could clear it up with a wave of your hands.

“Oh?” Eric stood, “we have a few minutes, you know,” it sounded like his voice slurred near the end.


“Shut up!” you cried out loud to your conscious and sped to the door, slamming it on Erics’ face after he went after you. It sounded as if you broke his nose on the other side.

“Tryin’ for it again, yeah?” a man around your age looked up from his seat over by the corner and you nodded absentmindedly to him, “you’d think he’d let go by now, yeah,” he scratched his head. He was one of the lackies that you liked out of all of them. It was mostly for his appearance since he was rather cute. He was that stereotypical blond-headed boy sort of guy who also seemed to have a nice personality. You had no clue why he would be with Scarecrow until you asked him one day (actually, you screamed it out while you stood next to him and scared away five guys). He briefly explained he had a grudge against the police department as they had wrongly accused his brother of a crime then killed him because he went ‘hostile’ when he was actually trying to explain the situation. You wanted to mention the innocent people who would be exposed but that would possibly reveal yourself since you put up a front of ‘I don’t give a damn about anyone.’

“Come here then, love,” he lazily waved his hand and you followed then kneeled beside him as he patted your head, “he’ll go away soon. Don’t worry nothin’ ‘bout it, right? Right then,” he scuffed up your hair a bit and gave you a sharp pang of fear. It subsided when he didn’t do anything and you proceeded to straighten out your wig, making sure everything was fine, “right then,” he stood up and clapped his hands lazily. A few men in the room looked up, some moved out of the room while others idly stood by doing nothing, “let’s go make some money then,” he walked towards the exit with a skip in his step. You stood and followed right after him after hearing the door to the other room open. You didn’t want to look at Eric’s face at the moment.

“What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps and has a bed but never sleeps?” you questioned the blonde haired boy as he carried you on his back through the Narrows. The trip to Arkham was a moderate one but you lacked sleep last night so you let down your ‘I don’t care’ appearance and demanded for Jim, the blonde-man, to carry you and he did.

“Did you intentionally give me a harder one?” he asked as he jumped, getting you a bit higher up on his back.

“I’m only repeating what I heard,” you closed your eyes as you placed your head on his neck.

“From who?” his voice sounded like it waived slightly.

“Edward,” you muttered.

“Edward Thomas?”

“Edward Nygma?”

“Oh, God no,” he sounded a bit peeved, “not that freak.”

“Oh, come off it,” you slapped his shoulder and glared at the back of his head angrily, “he’s an alright person but he just says a lot of riddles.”

“I don’t like him,” everything felt colder for a moment. Was it colder around Arkham? You’ve never been there so you couldn’t say. You avoided the area at all costs and you avoided the Narrows because not only did they hold mobsters and crazies but you always felt a bad vibe from the both.

“Where’d he go anyway?”

“I heard he hopped out of this three days after you joined. Apparently he thought it was too dumb or something,” he hopped over a small hole in the sidewalk.

“Funny, someone said the same thing but he didn’t want to join because of it,” you adjusted your position against him then scratched behind your ear, avoiding the ear piece, “anyway, answer it or I’ll make you uncomfortable.”

“Alright, alright, let’s see…,” a moment passed while other people tried to guess for him. Your little group entered a passage way hidden from the public. It sloped downward deeper and deeper as the light faded. Some men pulled out flashlights which lit the way as another guessed but you made a buzzing noise, “what is it then?”

“A river,” you said simply. Some men questioned the answer while others whined, saying they actually knew it.

Jim stopped then bent down to let you off, “we’re getting closer and you can walk from here. If not, then I shall throw you into the reservoir when we get there, love,” you hopped off and stood.

“Whatever, whatever,” you took this opportunity to walk in front of him and follow the man leading the group. It took only a few more minutes but you were finally led to an area that looked sort of like a grimy hallway in a basement. You continued to walk down the path until you were led to a door. The leading man opened it, a loud creaking sound came from the door and when you entered you met numerous other men working with gas masks and wearing uniformed one piece jumpsuits. There was also one big gaping hole in a large pipe line that crossed the room.

“This is it,” Jim appeared behind you as your group walked down the small staircase and off the small balcony overlooking the working men.

“I was expecting it to be bigger but in the Narrows? Under Arkham? Wow,” you raised your voice so that Batman was able to hear on the other line of the ear piece and so that Jim could hear you over the rushing sound of water coming from the opened pipe, “and this is the toxin?” you pushed a barrel aside as your small group made way towards a corner of the room.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t ‘ave suspected it either,” a thump was heard and a tool box now laid before you. One of the men threw another tool box at someone else, hitting them on the head on accident.

“Oh, brilliant,” you picked up the box as the man rubbed his head then fell over. You walked to a machine that looked like it was off, “now, what does this do and what’s wrong with it?”

“It’s the machine that mixes everything. It’s not needed but it makes the process much easier,” a man next to you answered you question. You opened the metal tool kit and took out a wrench then whacked the machine with it.

“Tried that,” the man muttered as he went off to fix another machine nearby.

‘Then I’m at a loss,’ you unbolted the sides and took off the panel, revealing the wires that controlled machine, “Batty, help?” you whispered. You waited a bit, tinkering with some wires here and there, pretending to analyze the problem but you heard nothing, “Bat-pants!” you whispered a little louder then coughed and hit the machine again with the wrench.

“Something wrong?” Jim called from a machine nearby.

“Nah, I feel slightly off today,” you replied back, placing your forehead against the edge of the machine. Now what?

“I’m coming,” Batman’s rough voice frightened you slightly since it came out of nowhere.

Wait, what?! Why!?

You couldn’t ask him since it would sound like you were talking to yourself. Then it probably would have made you look like you belonged in the asylum above.

A loud creak was heard as the door opened to the room. You looked over your shoulder and saw Scarecrow without his mask on, accompanied by a woman.

‘A lover?’ you thought. Would Scarecrow be so foolish as to show his lover his work?

Whack her! Throw her into the pipe!

‘What?’ you shook your head.

Even though Scarecrows crazy, he’s a sexy crazy! Get him! Get him for yourself!

‘...The hell, man?’ you closed the panel to the machine and hit your forehead on it.

Common, you know you do. You have competition now. You can’t get Wayne because he’s rich and being seen with you could ruin his image. Mmmhmm, so go with someone at your own level.

‘Who said I wanted Bruce?’

“Maybe you should have some,” you heard Scarecrow say as you turned around to look up at them again. The woman quickly turned and ran out of the room as Scarecrow had a rather large smile plastered on his face. He turned quickly and followed right after her.

I did. Why do you tease him?

‘Be… cause it’s fun?’

That’s what little boys say when adults ask them why they tease little girls. In reality, it’s because they like them.

‘Shut it! I do not, it’s because he’s rich and he does have wild parties!’ you jumped when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“You ‘right?” Jim looked at you a bit worried. You nodded.

“Just having ‘bouts with my thoughts,” you slammed the panel closed, “was that Scares lover?”

“What? I don’t think so,” he laughed as he opened your machines panel and looked at it, “who would be foolish enough to do something like that? Oh…,” he paused for a moment then looked at you slowly, “you got a thing for the insane?”

“What?! No!” you denied quickly and shook your head. That made you look like you really did.

“I won’t tell, swear,” he laughed and began to tinker in the machine. You stood up and gave him more room to work.

“Oh, come off it,” you kneeled next to him, “why have someone like him? You’re cuter than he is in any case and rather sane,” you patted his head and he gave you the biggest grin you had ever seen him give.

A few men suddenly moved and you looked back towards the door. Scarecrow was back and holding the woman in his arms–mask on his head as well. You made a face as you followed a man to the small group gathering near the door.

“What are we goin’ to do with her?” someone asked.

“She’ll be fine the way she is,” Scarecrow answered but your mind took off again.

Wow, that was easy, attack him when he’s alone!

‘What? No! Get out of my head!’

Can’t exactly, I was born with you. Needless to say, you made me!

‘What? How could I? I’m not perverted like you are and I don’t think like you do.’

Ah! But you are. I know everything that is deep within you. I know what you want and you want to fuc–

‘Do not!’

Do too.

‘Do not!’

Well you want to do one of the two!

‘I want neither!’

Are you asexual?

‘What? No! I like men, thank you, very much!’

Then why don’t you want them!? One’s .. a bit meek but cute and the other’s rich!

‘Shut i–,’ you looked up after a loud bang was heard from above. Everyone looked p then a few men started to mutter amongst each other.

“Is it the Batman?”

“I heard he can fly.”

“I heard that he can disappear.”

“Dr. Crane, what do we do?” Jim asked as he suddenly appeared behind you.

“What anyone does when a prowler comes around, call the police,” Scarecrow had taken his mask off and was now looking around, an insane look on his face.

“But… what about the toxin?” someone else asked. Your hand twitched.

“They can’t do anything about it now, let them find it,” a man yelled and you looked up just barely watching him being lifted up and out of sight.

‘He’s rather quick, isn’t he?’ you made a face as everyone began to scatter once a large bat figure fell from above.

Men started to attack him and he quickly disposed of them. You took up a nearby tool and attacked Batman with it. He held you at bay as you struggled.

“He gassed a woman with a high-concentrated dose of the toxin,” you muttered to him. He made no gesture but threw you to the ground as Jim started to attack him. He also disposed of Jim as well and you lazily got up.

He’s kind, isn’t he?

‘Oh shush, enough out of you. When did you start talking to me anyway? I don’t recall having any conversations with you before… a while ago.’

You did, all the time. We used to talk and talk all the time in your dreams.

‘I never remember my dreams!’

Those are the times when we talked. You don’t talk to me anymore so I’m resorted to talking to you like this. Haven’t you ever thought it’s because I’m rather lonely?

‘Go, away.’

That’s what you said in your last dream too. ‘Go away’. You know, I can be informative too, you know. In fact, I know something about Batman that you don’t know and are too stupid to see and because you told me to go away, I’m not going to tell you. I was going to but now I’m not.

‘Oh? Well, I don’t care.’

Fine then. Find out yourself.

‘Fine!’ Jim helped you stand and shoved you out of your thoughts.

“Are you alright?” he asked, helping you to the stairs.

“Yes, let’s leave now. I don’t like the police at all,” you wobbled slightly then noticed that the woman and Batman were gone. Men were scattered about, moaning or out cold. A few hobbled, trying to get to the door but you made a face and quickly ran out of the door.

“I’m going to the slums,” you called out to Jim as he ran behind you, following you out of Arkham and through the passage way that led to the Narrows then the slums.