Spirit Archer
Sanctuary, Shine


Chapter Six

At this point, I found my flash drive. I placed chapter three here since it was needed greatly before. Please keep in mind, you are a liar and must deceive Batman in order to get away. That simple.

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It was only a few hours after that little incident. You had walked along the outskirts of Gotham before actually entering back in. By the time you reached the slums it was already nightfall and the homeless were huddled near flaming barrels, some were putting up clothing on lines and some seemed dead on the street as cars passed by. At this point, one was able to spot you by one of the flaming barrels huddled next to an older, worn out man in a dirtied beanie and graying beard.

“Heard you’ve been getting into trouble, mmhmm,” he muttered as he rubbed his fingerless, gloved hands together.

“Mmhmm,” you almost mocked.

“Best being careful now, bunch of weirdo’s around.”

“Mmhmm,” you agreed again, holding your arms together tightly around you. This had to have been one of the coldest nights of this season yet.

“You know,” he started a few moments passed, “there’s been this thing that my buddies have been seeing around lately.”

“An increase of mobbies?” you kicked the can once it made a loud crack.

“A bat,” he stated simply.

“…El chupracabra?”

“It’s this large man-bat thing. Jimmy’s been seein’ him ‘round a bit. Catches a glimpse of his cape thing,” he coughed into his hands then spit into the barrel, “Al saw him beat up some of Falcones men and threw ‘em like they were nutin’, he also said that he could fly. Keith said that he complimented him on his coat too.”

“That’s insane and you don’t believe in things like that so easily. Has the water been making you nuts? I told you not to drink water from the drains, it’s icky and has pigeon poop in it,” you scolded him and his beliefs.

“I believe because I saw ‘im too. Down by the old pier while I was pickin’ up some cans like usual there ‘e is! I seen him come down from the sky, flyin’ all ‘round. You know they put a search light near the pier, right? Well ‘e tied some man up on the giant search light and he turns and sees me! Scared me ‘alf to death it nearly did but then he nodded and I nodded too and he flew off! ‘Nd guess what I found when I went to look at who he tied on the light? Falcone!”

You choked, “Falcone?!” you had heard rumors about something that recently happened to him but every time you tried to listen in people would instantly hush. You had just figured maybe he was on his death bed and no one wanted people to know.

“Mmhmm. Scared me pretty bad. Didn’t pity ‘em at all, no ma’am. Bastard got what he deserved so I just walked away. “

“Amazing, so a man bat did that?”


“Would it be wise to say that I have too encountered this man-bat and poked him in the eyes?”

Teds eyes widened, “you?” he pointed an unsteady finger at you. You nodded, “oh, little missy, what ‘ave you done now?” he looked at you, scolding you with his weathered looks alone.

“’Nothin’,” you replied as innocently as you could, “’member that day I was followin’ that guy and waved at you?” he nodded. You noticed your speech growing shorter. This seemed to happen every time you were around him for a while, damn Ted, “well I kept followin’ ‘im and he eventually led me to a buncha guys. I hid and I overheard ‘em say somethin’ ‘bout somethin’ and radishes,” you shrugged, “then this thing came from the sky and attacked ‘em all. I got my tail outta there and the thing followed me. He got me, asked me things then I poked ‘em and ran.”

It felt like an uncomfortable pause.

“Careful now, I don’t want to see you hurt,” he patted your head, “you’re all I have left, somewhat,” he added the last word quickly, “also got Jimmy, Al, Bertha–“

“All you’ve left are your friends, old man,” you shoved his hand off your head and shoved your own in your pockets.

“You know what I mean, missy. I’ve seen many good friends die and now I’ve only so few left, don’t break my heart,” the barrel cracked again.

“What sort of person would I be if I were to die?” you asked, moving away from the warmth and to a bent shopping cart nearby.

“A dead one,” he replied.

“Smart, now push me!” you hopped into the carts basket and positioned yourself as if you were about to race.

Ted chuckled, shook his hands and walked over, “you’re askin’ an old man to push you? How dare you,” he grabbed the handle bars and began pushing.

“But you’re doing it!” you yelled as you went over a jump making the cart jump.

“Because it’s hard not to oblige to your requests,” he laughed.

At this very moment you are balancing your life between death and salvation. Yes, you are stupidly walking on a ledge on one of the rundown apartment buildings in the slums. Why were you doing such an insane thing? Because you felt like it, duh. You wobbled on one leg as you reached the corner and placed your other leg on roof in front of you. The buildings were so close that you were able to just walk across without jumping or any sort of thing like that. Unfortunately, it was one of the few buildings that were actually built so close. Some were built far apart; others were built the normal distance.

You tip toed across the new building then paused, nearly falling over the edge. That thing. It was black and looking over the roofs edge, its back turned to you. Horrid. It attacked you and you had attacked it back. Man-Bat.

‘Oh, geez,’ you thought as you threw yourself onto the roof, gravel crunching under your body. You looked up and to your horror he had turned and was now headed in your direction.

“I didn’t do anything today! I swear! I didn’t even eat!” you cried as you stood and ran back the way you had come. You leapt over the small ledge you had just crossed and dashed across the rooftop. You heard fabric rustling above you and screamed when you saw total darkness. The darkness quickly faded once you felt a strong pair of hands grab you by the shoulders and lift you up into the air.

“Are you part of Falcones plans?” he asked, his voice instantly reminded you of the first time the two of you had met.

“I’m just a common thief! The only thing I’m apart of are my own plans!” you replied quickly and began to shake in fear.

“Do you know what Falcone planned?” he asked. You shut your eyes.

“A plan to make the city run around like ants. Some guy named Scarecrow is gonna turn the city upside down!”

You quickly opened your eyes and stared passed the Man-Bat. Your eyes filled with fear and you began to shake more violently.

“Ah…ah…,” you muttered, trying to get the words out. Man-Bat stared at you, “S–Scarecrow!”

He quickly turned around and you kicked him where it hurt. Unfortunately for both of you, you both went down. He let go of you and grabbed himself in pain while you hopped around, grabbing your foot in pain.

“What the hell do you put there?!” you cried in as you hopped around a bit more. The pain throbbed but you opted not to wait for it to subside as it had just struck your mind that this was your chance to escape. You watched him hobble slightly just before you dashed off. You jumped across a roof that was a bit farther away but landed safely on the other side. You had almost done this once more but were a bit unlucky. Instead landing on the ledge, you came up short, hit your knees and fell down the alley, landing into an open dumpster.

“Trash belongs in trash, as some would say,” you muttered to yourself as you threw black, plastic bags out of your way, “then why isn’t Man-Bat or Falcone in here with me?” you climbed out of the dumpster and landed on your rear, scrambled up once more and dashed off. Once again, you heard fabric fluttering and didn’t even bother to look behind you. Instead you kept running across the stre–

How the hell did you fall into a man hole?

At some point in your state of panic, you had failed to notice an open man hole cover that someone had carelessly left open, thus letting you drop. Fortunately for you, you had had caught the end of the ceiling ladder on your way down.

You began to swing forward and backwards on the bar. Your skin rubbed against the slightly greased ladder bar but you held on tight. The sound of rushing water below you made you more determined to get to a ledge (if there was one. It was a bit hard to see through the darkness) and not fall into the polluted water. You swung once more before letting go and nearly screaming just before you hit the very edge of the ledge. You tumbled almost backwards but you quickly waved your arms around and moved your body forward and backwards to get your balance back. You nearly fell in before you finally were able to collapse onto the walkway.

You wobbled to your feet and began to take off. You tripped and tumbled forward on your face, smacking the ground hard. You cried in pain then noticed how wet the walkway was.

“Disgusting! And I have no clue if this goes under people’s homes!” you whined out loud as you got up and began running after the manhole was covered in darkness. Really, it was one thing to be dirty but to be.. rather dirty in other peoples waste. Disgusting. Even you avoided situations like that at all costs.

You ran faster after hearing someone else run behind you. Fabric fluttered as your foot hit the edge of the walkway. Instead of stopping you took a leap of faith and hoped that the edges were close enough that you would hit the other side.

And so they were.

Your legs collapsed beneath you once you landed but you instantly got up and began running again. This all felt like an elaborate game of bat and rat. This is how the game is played.

The rat runs, finding hiding places to hide from the bat.

You ran faster but screamed bloody murder once you felt your foot fall and make contact with the rushing water. Before you could fully fall in, you felt your shoulders being taken and your person being lifted up then pushed against the cobblestoned wall next to you.

The bat finds the rat.

“Why do you keep running? What are you hiding?” he demanded as he had done so before. You felt the early stages of bruises forming on your shoulders.

“Because you scare the utter shit out of me!” you cried into his face, “who the hell runs around in a mask and a cape? A child! That’s who! Are you like an upgraded version of Michael Jackson or something!?”

“What do you know about Scarecrow?”

“They protect corn from crows!” you cried out again. You raised your arm to poke him in the eyes like you had done during your first encounter but he grabbed it, “and they’re filled with straw! I also think that certain one like Dorothy a little too much!” he began twisting your arm, “dear God! I don’t know! I don’t know, Mr. Man-Bat!”

The bat threatens the rat as it attempts to break into its hiding place.

“I know you know something but you’re hiding it,” he pushed the subject.

“Okay, okay! I do know something! Just let me go, you’re going to break my arm!” you pleaded, tears began forming in your eyes.

He lets go but still has a slight grip on your wrist.

“I’m not going anywhere, where else is there to run?” you sniffed then tore you arm away from him. You sighed.

“Will you tell me now?” you nodded then breathed and shrunk down then placed your hands over your head.

“He… he…that guy,” you started, “was my father.”

“What?” he seemed shocked.

You then kicked him under the legs, making him drop down. You quickly scampered up and ran back towards the manhole.

The rat then diverts with bat with a falsehood of truths. The bat then takes the bait and the rat flees.

“WAHAHAHA!” you laughed into the darkness.

“She..she..,” Batman muttered to himself then pounded the ground, “I highly doubt that.”

But the bat will come back to find what the rat has left behind.