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The end.

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Batman Begins DC Comics and Warner Brothers
This story was made purely for enjoyment purposes and does not make a profit 'nor will it ever.

You never got to the slums. You had just gotten into the Narrows before you spotted someone very familiar (and also accidentally lost Jim).

“Somethin’s gonna happen, mmmhmm,” you heard police sirens from far away that made you shiver.

“Oh really? Mmmhmm,” Ted played with a piece of cardboard as you both sat in a deserted alleyway.

“Scarecrow’s going to release a toxin that’s going to infect the whole city. Basically, anyone who drank Gothams water in the past few weeks will be affected,” you twiddled your thumbs. It felt like you were telling a teacher on a boy who made fun of you.


“Yeah, maybe you should move to the harbor or the train. The gas couldn’t get up to the train now, could it?” you had never taken the train because you were way too poor to even afford its low, low prices for only .99 cents a ticket! Now on sale!

“What‘re you goin’ to do?” Ted looked up briefly at you.

“I’m going to Arkham then run away like a mad woman,” you felt you still had a duty to do and the feeling wouldn’t go away.

“…Mmhmm,” he shifted, “you’ve never done anythin’ like this before.”

“Why the sudden interest?”

There was a few moments of uncomfortable silence, “because I worry ‘bout you alot, ‘ear? Thinkin’ ‘bout you in jail from time to time frightens me ‘cause I never know when I’ll see you again. I worry when you disappear ‘n don’t come back for a while. Don’t turn out like David, you ‘ear? ‘e was a good man but always ran around, lookin’ for what to do next. Caused ‘im ‘is death it did and I still mourn my little boy from time to time. I think of you as a daughter, so don’t make this old man mourn for you until ‘e’s dead ‘nd gone,” you watched as his lips trembled as he spoke, yours did too. You looked away feeling guilty and stared out at the front of the alleyway to your discarded wig.

“I won’t do nothin’ like that,” you whispered, “I never look for it but you know those feelin’s you get when you need to do somethin’ important? Even if it turns out its not needed in the end, you still gotta find out for yourself? That’s what I’m doin’ and when I’m done you’ll find me in the slums again in a shopping cart, waiting to be pushed by a foolish old man,” he briefly chuckled.

“Don’t let me worry no more or Al’ll come runnin’ ‘bout tryin’ to find you then pound you and he won’t take no for an answer,” you laughed then embraced him.

“Thank you, Mr. Whitmire,” he patted you on the back.

“Think nothin’ of it.”

It was so much harder to get into Arkham now. The tunnel that had been used to go into Arkham was now sealed off by a bunch of police. The only way now was to either swim or use the bridge and at the moment you were pretending to be a load of cargo on a truck that was already on the bridge.

‘I’m a stealthy ninja, stealthy, stealthy ninja, ninja, ninja, ninja,’ you kept thinking to yourself as the men on the truck kept laughing at jokes they were yelling out, ‘just like that one ninja all the kids yell about. What was his name? Neru… Nebu… Naru… ah fuck it. Guy in an orange jump suit,’ the truck stopped and the police men proceeded into jumping out and throwing the trucks load to people that were off the truck, waiting for supplies, ‘oh crap.’

You felt one man suddenly lift you up then throw you off to another man. The sheet that covered you had fallen off and you were now in the arms of a surprised looking man.

You smiled nervously, “he ruined my home!” you motioned to the sheet then punched him in the face. He dropped you and you scrambled up but fell again after you found your legs tangled in the sheet. Two other men came and picked you up but you quickly grabbed the gun out of one man’s hoister and hit one man with the butt of the gun then did the same to the other. They both fell in pain and you jumped out of the sheet then ran, throwing the gun at someone else’s head.

It took a short while but you eventually got through the parade of police officers and somehow into Arkham. You borrowed a white coat, fixed up your hair and walked casually in. At this moment you thanked whomever for the bath you were able to take two nights ago. It would be really weird if there was a crap smelling doctor walking around. Then again, it would fit your role as being a doctor and being full of crap. Hurrhurr.

You kept eavesdropping as you walked, catching a bit here and there and putting some important things together. You hopped onto an elevator and went up to the fourth floor then began looking around at the rooms, trying to not be so suspicious to some of the guards on duty. You began looking through some of the windows on the doors, looking at the inmates inside.

‘Where to go, where to go,’ you thought to yourself as a door opened and an older, weathered looking man walked out. You passed him, not even glancing and quickly took hold of the door he just opened then looked into the window before going in. You passed a few inmates who looked and went straight for the other door. You pushed at the door but it didn’t budge. You sighed then looked at the inmates.

“How did that old man get in?” you asked. They looked at each other and one made a small motion with his arms going up and down, “oh,” you bit your lip. You then placed your hands on the door and began to try to open it. You used your body for a bit of force but just kept jumping up and down, making a ‘bang, bang, bang’ sound as the inmates looked on. You let go, coughed then fixed your hair and kicked the door which then opened.

“Hey look, I’m magic,” you kicked the door open before you went in and found what you were looking for.

You went through, took off your coat and placed it between the door and door frame so you would be able to get back out again. You slowly advanced, making no sudden movements then kneeled down to Scarecrow who was in a full body straightjacket.

“Dr. Crane,” you said slowly. His eyes twitched and his lips quivered. He had the look of a madman, “can you understand me?” he stared down at you and you felt slightly stupid for asking, “who were you working for?”

His lips quivered again then slowly, a twisted smile began to appear on his face. He opened his mouth then closed it steadily then opened it once more, “Ra’s al Ghul,” he whispered.

“And he is…?” you pressed but he shut his mouth and began to laugh lightly with his twisted smile.

You lowered your head. You felt a bit foolish but then again, your conscious was half right. It was only his insanity that stopped you from pursuing him but what did you know? You were beginning to think that you were becoming insane too. Your lips twitched as you stood up and looked at the ceiling briefly. What did it matter? Gotham was going to hell in a hand basket but you didn’t know when. You moved around Crane and began to unbuckle the restraints. He said nothing as you loosened the straps, making it easier for him to just rip off his full bindings.

You placed a hand on the chair he sat on as he looked up at you. You were lost in your mind, still thinking things over.

‘Then I’ll just run,’ you thought, thinking about how people would react if they found out you had released Scarecrow. But then again, who knew you? No one so why did you worry? You then shook your head, patted Cranes head as he looked on at you then you kissed his forehead and turned. You went to the door, gathered up the coat and left. You passed the inmates, put on the coat and opened the door then briefly looked around. No one was around so you quickly ran out and back to the elevator and waited for it to arrive.

You patiently stood, playing with the coat a bit until you jumped at the sound of a blaring alarm going off. You looked around and noticed some of the automatic doors on the other side of the hallway opening. All of them.

“Oh God,” you started jumping, wondering where to go now. The insane were being freed, all of them, why?! Who allowed that? The elevator dinged then opened. You scurried in and kept mashing the close button until it finally did then mashed the first floor button. You breathed in deeply, keeping your finger near the close button if it ever stopped to let someone on. Oh well for them. They can take the stairs. The elevator only opened once and a few doctors tried to get in. You kept mashing the button but they had forced the doors opened before it could fully shut. The elevator opened again once it reached the first floor and everyone in the elevator ran out. You looked around and noticed the policemen on the ground floor trying to get some of the inmates back into the asylum. You ran towards the entrance and went towards the bridge but found yourself at a loss once you saw the bridge was up.

‘Auugh, where the hell do I run to? Where? Where?’ you jumped around, frantically looking for some place to get off the stupid little island. You ran, passing and dodging a few policemen who were a bit frantic as you were and went towards the back of the asylum, still looking for a way out.

“Nothing, nothing, nothing,” you repeated then quickly noticed a gas starting to form then fill the air, ‘fog? Or is it the toxin?’ the fog became thicker until you couldn’t see a few feet before you, ‘brilliant,’ you ran around again, not fearing the fog the slightest bit.

“Thank you,” a voice said from behind. You turned to find Crane with a rather large pipe in his hands. Before you could do anything, he hit you over the head and you were down.

The beeping of an ECG machine beeping at the beat of your heart. The smell of flowers also woke you up from your long slumber. You cracked opened your eyes and saw a white ceiling. You parted your lips slowly as they began to crack from the lack of moisture. You turned your head to the side (a hard thing to do since it felt like it weighed like a ton of bricks) and noticed a nurse arranging a pot of flowers next to you.

“Hello there,” her voice sounded cheery. It wasn’t a sickening cheery but a friendly cheery like she was your long lost friend, “I’m surprised at you. You should sleep a bit more, do you remember anything?” you pursed your lips together and thought. A few moments of what happened ran through your head. Hitting Eric in the face with a door, telling Batman about the woman and Arkham, releasing Crane and the small event that happened after that. Then a loud blaring noise… then?

You slowly shook your head in response.

“You were found in the back of Arkham. Everyone thinks you were hit in the confusion when the gas appeared. We have so many injured, it’s horrible. A few are dead some are still in critical condition. I think two are in a coma,” she put a hand to her face and a look of sadness overtook her, “I hope that everyone will heal quickly, then they can go back to their families,” she sighed heavily.

You blinked slowly then rasped out, trying to speak. Your throat felt like it had been dry forever, “what… day.. is it?”

She stared at you in a bit of astonishment but she seemed to brighten because you spoke, “the day after the gas hit.”

You looked forward and noticed a television hanging from the wall. You tried to pick up your arm but found it too heavy to lift, “co….uld you….ple-ase,” you paused and closed your eyes, “turn… on …. the news?” the woman nodded her head and did as you requested.

“…Gotham is still cleaning up after last nights chaos. Officials are still finding out what the cause of the mass confusion really was. Reports are saying that the water was contaminated but nobody is confirming this information…”

“Horrible,” the nurse muttered as the news went to a commercial.

You had requested the nurse to stay so that you could talk more. She had left briefly to get you a glass of water, something you were so thankful for. You even tried moving but she prohibited it.

“…Aside from what happened last night, something else happened. Billionaire Bruce Wayne burned down his mansion last night. Reports say his friends were throwing him a birthday party until he came out drunk and made them all leave. It was reported a short while later that smoke was seen from the 101 Highway and the fire department was called…”

Wait. Wayne had a party? You felt your chest thump a bit harder and felt your breathing jump a bit. The ECG machine sped up slightly then slowed to its normal pace.

You can’t get Wayne because he’s rich and being seen with you could ruin his image. Mmmhmm, so go with someone at your own level.

‘Not like he’s already done it but..,’ you felt a sudden depression hit you.

A while later, the woman had left, leaving you alone in a bright and nearly empty hospital room. The sun was still up but all you were able to see were tall sky scrapers that blocked your view from the sky. With nothing to do and the television playing Bugs Bunny cartoons, you fell into a dreamless sleep.

Once again, you were awakened but this time you woke to a knock at your door. You moved your head (which felt a bit lighter than before), “come in,” you raised your voice slightly then noticed the television had been turned off.

A handsome man entered, dressed in a black business suit and his hair was slicked back nicely. He held a bouquet of roses and closed the door behind him.

“Hello, Bruce,” you rasped, your throat was feeling a bit scratchy again.

“I heard that you were at Arkham last night and were brought here, so I came when I could,” he placed the flowers on your bedside table. You looked away from him.

“Who told you that?” outside it was growing darker. It looked like it was nearing dusk.

“You friend, Ted.”

“I never told you about him,” you replied quickly. There was a moment of silence, “Bruce.”


“My pants, I think they’re on the chair by the door, go through the pockets of them please,” you turned your head towards them and watched as he did so. He dug through the pants that Batman had given you and took out a bit of white paper and a crumpled up hundred dollar bill, “keep it.”

He looked at you, “but I gave this to you,” he unfolded the bill and began to re-fold it neatly. You shook your head.

“I used the hundred dollars you gave me. I paid back a loan I owed someone for a while now, used it for a bit of food and I was left with ten dollars,” you turned your head to the ceiling, “so I used the ten dollars and invested in something I’ve been watching for a while. Within fifteen minutes I got your hundred dollars back so I’m giving it back.”

“That’s… amazing,” he sounded surprised, “if you can do that, then why don’t you? You could be off the streets possibly within a day!” you said nothing.

“Why didn’t you invite me to your party?” you pursed your lips again after another moment of silence.

“What?” he sounded a bit taken back.

“Was it because I’m homeless? Did you not want to be seen with someone lower than yourself?”

“I…,” in reality, he couldn’t tell you. At the time he was still using you to get information about Crane and his operation. If he were to do such a thing, the possibility of him getting to Rachel would have been zero and she would have gone insane but this, you could never know.

“You know… I thought we were friends for a while but I’ve just been telling myself false truths then, right?” you closed your eyes and listened to the rhythm of the ECG machine.

Bruce began to speak again but you told him to leave. You were too depressed to hear what he had to say. What done is done and actions speak louder than words sometimes. Once Bruce left you closed your eyes for the final time that night.

This time you were woken up because the room had been colder than normal. The window was wide open and night had fallen. You found the strength to move your body and lifted yourself up so that you were sitting up. You noticed the room was quieter then realized the ECG machine was off. You looked at your arms to see that the needles in them were still there. The only difference was that the window was open and the machine was off.

“I always hated those things, always, always,” a small chuckle came from the door. Your body froze. It was that cold voice you had spoke to a while ago. The voice that you believed belonged to a man who escaped Arkham, “you know,” he started again. You didn’t take your eyes off your arms, “I knew you were going to join Scarecrow. I just knew that. You had this,” he paused for a moment; you thought he was gesturing again, “thing about you, you know? You’re so predictable sometimes. Other times, yes, other times, you do things that I wouldn’t expect. Yes, making friends with Bruce Wayne for example. Then again, why call him a friend? He didn’t invite you to his little get together after all,” he let out a laugh that made your stomach turn. It sounded as if he was stalking you and that was what made your stomach do flips, “you’re so much fun! I’m glad I met you a few weeks ago, yes, yes, mmhmm,” he let out a maniacal giggle, “just to let you know, I liked digging up your history from that old friend of yours, yes. A little child prodigy whose life went tumbling down after her daddy went nuts and her mommy died. Yes, I could use someone like you. You remember my offer, yes? How would you like to get back at those people who made your daddy lose his job and the people who killed your mommy? Hm?” his voice sounded so close. You had to know. You had to see.

You looked up and saw the same man you had seen that day a few weeks ago. The one you had been thinking about when you tried so hard to think like a twisted criminal, only this time it seemed he added something. His clothes were shabby, just as they were the first time you saw him over your shoulder. His hair was still tainted but in the darkness you noticed it was a dark greenish color. He still had the hideous scars on his cheek but you also noticed that he had the same scar on his other cheek. You also took notice that this time he had used white and red face paint that looked like it wore off in some areas during the day. Last time, he didn’t wear make-up.

This appearance and this information he had given you so freely made you want to turn over, gather all your strength and hit him with the ECG machine. You laid back into your pillow.

“I decline your offer. I think I’ll stay away from things like that. Scarecrow is enough for me at the moment,” you tried to sound convincing, hoping he would leave you.

He let out a cold laugh again then patted your head, “like I said before. My of-fer still stands-ah. Here,” he pulled out piece of paper from his coat and placed it next to the flowers that Bruce had placed next to your bedside table, “this is my card. I’ll be waiting for you,” he laughed again then sauntered out of the room, closing the door lightly on his way out.

It took you a bit but you managed to lean over the side of your bed and grab the piece of paper. You flipped over the back which had a design on it and noticed what he gave you was a joker playing card.

To be continued in Memoryless.