Spirit Archer
Sanctuary, Shine


Chapter Two

Gotham slums are home to the homeless, the common beggar, thief, mobster and so on. You know every turn, every passage way and every street, nearly everything to know about the slums like nearly all the homeless know. What you don’t know is what lurks within the buildings. Plans are being made and one choice shoved you into a dangerous world filled with bats and scarecrows.

Thanks to my good friend, Lime for helping me create the readers character.<

This story was created in second person (You).

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Batman Begins DC Comics and Warner Brothers
This story was made purely for enjoyment purposes and does not make a profit 'nor will it ever.

You scratched your head harder than normal. A short fear of a lice infestation shot through your mind and made you scratch only harder. In jail, they frequently checked for the little buggers so you knew you were clean, it just felt as if you had them. You had escaped jail a few days ago and were walking amongst the free at the moment. You were a petty criminal who had minimal charges against yourself, enough to put someone in jail for a few months. Unfortunately, you were rather good at picking locks and had a bit of dumb luck that followed you every where you went. You had escaped jail more than once and this time was no different. This time, you had snuck away while out during free time, broke one of the locks to one of the secluded gated doors and were almost home free. Almost because one of the guards had spotted you and went to capture you but a ceiling lamp had become loose that very moment and fell on his head. This gave you an opened opportunity and you took it, running straight into freedoms arms once more. You sneezed once and then once more.

“Someone must be saying something rather awful about me,” you coughed into your sleeve as people avoided you, afraid you were sick. You shook your head.

‘I need money. I need food, who looks rather weak and somewhat rich..?’ you thought to yourself as you started scouting heads. Women with children, no, never mug anyone with children. You may have hated their parents but the thought of scarring a child with memories of their parent or guardian being mugged was a horrible thing. The elderly? Oh heavens, no. It would be like attacking a toddler, even if the elder put up a rather good fight. You would never forgive yourself or anyone in that matter if they had mugged someone who was liable to be their grandparent. No, the only people acceptable to muggings would be teenagers at age fifteen and up to older people at age forty or so. So far, no one seemed liable for a good mugging. Everyone either had something or nothing. Some women who carried fancy necklaces that looked like they had cost a fortune were with men, sharp looking men had no briefcases or they were near a large group of people, and so on, and so on.

You sighed. It seemed easier back when you were younger. No one would suspect a child taking their possessions so it was easy to slip away with anything. Not so much so anymore. Now you had to use wit, be a bit sly and even go far as seduce certain people. You never went that far though, you were much too timid to even flirt. It was life though. Thieves, beggars, dealers, they were everywhere since Gotham fell. Everybody wanted out and those who could afford it did if they wished but those who couldn’t, like you, had to stay and take the beatings of the mobsters, wanna-be gangsters and even corrupted police officers because where else could you go? Nowhere was the answer.

‘There,’ you thought as you spotted a sharply dressed man alone. He was carrying a brief case and was moving rather fast. You decided he would be the target and set off at a fast pace as well. You followed him into the ‘entrance’ of the slums where the homeless and the low resided.

‘Could he have made it any easier?’ you thought to yourself as you discreetly behind him. When he crossed a street towards a pack of homeless you noticed a familiar face amongst them. An older man with a graying beard and dirtied beanie hat waved at you, smiling as he did so. You crossed the street while keeping your eyes on the man and once you hit the other side, waved at the old man then pointed upward. The man shook his head and frowned. You gave him a weak smiled then trotted off, now some distance from your target. A large semi-truck passed the corner and you stared at it as it drove by making you almost lose the man. You ran ahead but when you turned the corner, stopped and kneeled, peeking slightly from behind the wall. The man was now accompanied by two larger men who walked behind him. Instantly, you wanted to bash your head against the brick wall but opted not to. Instead, you slowly counted to ten, got up then began to follow him again. Now you were rather curious. Was he a mobster? Was he a corrupted business man? You would never know until you found out. A sudden jolt went through your body. Something signaled to you that it wasn’t a good idea to follow him. For once, you ignored your instinct and walked on.

After following the man through street after street, hiding in dark alley ways (which almost got you raped by a random homeless man) and even diving into an almost empty box (a dead rat had been occupying it) the man finally stopped and opened his brief case. By this time, you were hiding behind a truck which that was parked illegally in front of a boarded up building and were silently watching as he took out a ratty looking bag of sorts. You sighed heavily to yourself.

‘Was this all I came for?! A stupid bag? That he’s… putting on his head? All… right then. I picked a nut job that belongs in Arkham. I need food! Not a stupid mask!” you wanted to shove your head into the trucks side but once again, opted not to, ‘make it worth my wild then, Masky.’

Instead of turning around, going back to the entrance of the slums, you decided against your best wishes to continue following him. Who puts on a mask at random? Someone doing some dealing, that’s who.

You followed the men quietly as they entered an area that seemed secluded from the rest of the slums then paused. If you had followed them any further, you would be open to attack from behind then the men would see you and all sorts of chaos would explode. A mini Pandora’s Box, if you will. Instead, you climbed a few boxes that were hidden from the light and carefully crawled over them, hoping the wood wouldn’t break under your weight. You were determined but fearful in doing this. You watched the men walk out of your view and behind another tower of boxes that you didn’t even dare go near since they were out in the open. Lucky for you, you were able to hear the man’s voice.

“Gentlemen, I believe we all know why we’re here,” you were sure it was the man you had been following all this time. His voice was very calm yet felt as if he hid so many things from the world. He didn’t sound insane or like a dealer, he just sounded like a man who wanted a little fun in the criminal world without being known.

“We are going to poison Gothams water supply,” wait. That sounded crazy. You nearly fell from where you sat when you heard that, “Falcone plans to hold the city for ransom so we are going to provide the back up. It will take a while but when everything is complete, no one will be able to stop us.”

‘Sounds like they didn’t get a hug when they were little,’ you thought as you listened on.

“How will we do it? What sort of poison?” a deeper voice asked. You almost didn’t catch it but were able to hear it.

“We won’t use a poison. No, that would be messy. We don’t want dead bodies all around Gotham now, do we? No, we’re going to use a toxin. It’s a very special sort of toxin that makes you believe you… see things.”

“A hallucinogen? Why not just throw in some weed in the water and then everyone will have a party and be imagining things!” a few men laughed.

“It is a toxin that attacks your nerves, your brain and your sense of reality. Allow me to demonstrate,” light footsteps were heard as well as a hiss that sounded as if it came out of a pipe.

A few moments passed until a scream from a man met your eardrums.

“Do you see what I mean?!” the man yelled, his voice sounding hoarse as if trying to scare someone.

‘He does a bad job,’ you scratched your head.

A scuffle was heard and the man’s screams were then muffled, “it is a fear toxin that makes what you see into what you fear. Everything around you will seem light a total nightmare. It’s a wonderful toxin, really,” the man laughed.

‘Wait, if this guys for real, ah! People may start killing each other to get away from what they fear! But this can’t be possible, can it? How will they contaminate the water? They can’t possibly do that, there are systems that filter everything out, this man’s mad!’ you thought. Your body shook in fear. Then you heard something as the man continued to talk. It sounded like footsteps from above. You looked up and saw what looked like a large, dark man falling with a cape. He fell towards where the group was and gunshots as well as shouts began to ring through the night. Not wanting to be caught, you jumped down from your hiding spot, rolled upon landing and booked it. You ran out of the alley way, out of the deserted area of the slums and in the middle of a deserted street.

“Wonderful, I wonder what the hell that was, the Chupracabra?” you pondered out loud. You stretch then hear a BAM next to you. You jump then look at what made the sound. A bat shaped thing was embedded into the metal telephone pole.

“Dear God!” you screamed and ran, not even bothering to look behind you.

‘I’m innocent! I didn’t even do anything today! I helped an old lady across the street though! Has it become a crime all of a sudden?!’ you scream to yourself as you dive into an empty alley and run towards the fenced end. You begin to climb the fence until you hear fabric flapping and look up. That dark man has somehow climbed the roof top and is now going to shove you off the fence! Not that he needed to, you already jumped off and were running back to the entrance of the alley until he caught you and pinned you hard against the brick wall. You screamed in pain.

“What were they doing?” the man demands, his voice hoarse and raspy. It sounded as if he had a really bad cold.

“I-I don’t know!” you cried, fearful of your life. The man punched the wall next to your head, leaving a small dent.

“What were they doing!” he demands again.

“I swear! I don’t know! When I panic I forget things! I’m sorry! The only thing I can remember is something about water and potatoes! I swear!” it was true. Sometimes when you were freaked out badly or panicked, you either forgot things or jumbled memories up with other memories. Maybe it was a defense mechanism you had?

“You know exactly what they were doing!” he yells at you again. You whimper in fear.

“I swear! I was only there because I was following this guy to mug him! Then he put on this mask thingy and I thought it was really interesting so I followed! I can’t remember anything he said, I’ve done nothing but what can be considered stalking! I swear! Please don’t kill me!” you began to cry.

“I’m taking you to the police station,” he says. You look up and a thought hits you. You start moving around what you can. His hands were beginning to hurt your upper arms because of so much strength he was putting on you. You could never beat this man in a fist fight, never. So instead, you did what any girl would do. You moved your arms wildly around, pleading with him not to take you to jail, then poked him in the eyes. Needless to say, he let go of you.

You dropped down and took full notice of his ‘mask’. It had pointy ears and he also had a cape. You began to believe this city was starting to breed ‘super heroes’ and ‘super villains’ because of how bad the slums were and how corrupted the city was. You turned to run but the man grabbed your arm while he was still holding his face. You kicked him in the face which made him let go of you and you ran out of the alley. You hear a sharp hiss of wind and push yourself against a tower boxes and a spinning rope thing passed you where your legs would have been. You looked up and saw the tower of boxes wobbling. You went to the other side and pushed the tower towards the man who was starting to gain his sight back. The tower of boxes fell on the man and you took this time to run out of the alley and towards the central area of Gotham and out of the slums. Thank you, dumb luck.