Spirit Archer
Sanctuary, Shine


Chapter Eight

Everything’s gotten darker.

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The empty fireplace was your friend at the moment as you sat on the couch in Bruce’s overly-large living room or whatever it was, he had so many rooms you just named them room A or room B. Since you had woken up, you had felt too terrified to go to sleep so you began walking around his home, looking for any signs of life during the middle of the night. Of course, there was none and the hope for company was gone so you had sat in a large room alone as the sun slowly rose, lighting up the room through the windows. You ignored his butler, Alfred when he questioned why you were there. He was too far away to latch onto his arm and stay there. You didn’t want to get up just to do it but you needed comfort, no, wanted it. Wanted it more than anything. More than your little episode last night. You remembered something so important and clicked everything together with what you’ve been hearing over the past few days on the streets. Everything was slowly coming together and you were terrified.

“Did you sleep well?” you heard his voice. You never turned your head but nodded slightly, “Alfred says you’ve been here since he woke up. Do you wake up early?” you felt the seat next to you go down slightly as he sat beside you. You took this opportunity to move your body to the side and lean onto his, latching your arms around his.

“I had a bad dream,” you muttered out into his sleeve.

“Oh? Do tell, I heard that if you tell your dreams to someone, they won’t come true,” if it was only true with this.

“I remembered something and it turned into a nightmare,” you started, “a while ago, I was following someone and I followed them to one of the back areas of the slums and I overheard a conversation. They’re going to do something bad, really bad and I had forgotten this because a big Man-Bat scared the utter,” you breathed, you felt like you were near tears again, “crap out of me so I forgot everything and I remembered everything last night.”

“What kind of thing was so horrible that that thing made you forget?” he pressed slightly. You didn’t mind and paused.

“I think a man named Scarecrow is going to contaminate Gothams water supply with a sort of fear toxin,” you blurted out and tightened your grip on his arm.

“That’s silly, they have filters to get things like that o–“

“That’s what I said and someone said not to think that way,” you felt so horrible. You had this information but were unable to use it. You never trusted the police because they were all corrupted so who was there go to go? The homeless? Hah! Most wouldn’t even budge, “I’m afraid because I can’t do anything about it and I want to help.”

You sat there for a while, clutching Bruce’s arm. You were sure you cut off his blood circulation at one point but he didn’t make any gestures of being uncomfortable. He just let you stay the way you were, trying to comfort you but to no avail. You had eventually began to cry but quickly stopped and didn’t do so when Bruce said it was alright to. He nearly picked you up after Alfred announced that breakfast was ready and you didn’t want to eat. Bruce pestered you, saying you felt so thin against him but you never made a comeback, mocking him again about his wild ‘sex parties’ and getting a free feel as you held him. The nightmare had affected you deeply.

He half dragged you to the dining room which you had failed to notice that it was the room that had been previously unlocked and led you inside the mansion that night you broke in. You idly poked at your food, the loss of an appetite was apparent and Bruce had to urge you to eat and remind you that you didn’t get food like this very often. Even if he didn’t know, he was right. You ate slowly and were finished long after he was. Even as you were finished, you sat idly in your chair as Alfred took your plate and attempted small talk. You didn’t budge. He sighed and left you alone in your thoughts that you couldn’t get out of. You eventually took a deep breath and decided that you would try to stop them. You would look through each alleyway, every rooftop, every building, all for that one man who would possibly help. The man that dressed funny and had frightened you to death before.

You stood and went back to your room, avoiding Alfred who was holding a large amount of silverware and Bruce who was sporting a business suit. Your mouth twitched as you closed the door and found your clothing neatly folded on your bed. Quickly, you discarded the white shirt and black pants that had been given to you the night before and dressed in your clothing. The smell of fabric softeners came from everywhere and you felt new but then slightly depressed. The clothes you had been wearing to bed had smelled so nice. They smelled faintly of a certain cologne that you had smelled in Bruce’s room the night you broke in. Leaving behind the smell disappointed you as you didn’t want to leave it, but taking the shirt would be a big no-no and Bruce would end up questioning your actions and you didn’t feel like answering any stupid questions.

You threw the shirt and pants down to the ground after staring at them for a while. Soon you would be back in the slums where everyone was dirtied and smell of urine and a slight smell of wet dog. You stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the light then took off your coat and shirt. Last night, your skin had looked so horrible it looked as if you had been ill for a very long time. Now it was clean and you could actually see what you thought was your original skin color. A knock threw you from your thoughts as you quickly picked your shirt up and put it back on.

“Are you alright?” Bruce’s voice came from behind the door to your room.

“Wai–!” you ran out of the bathroom to open the door while putting on your coat then tripped. You heard the door open and found Bruce picking you up.

“Are you alright?” he asked again. You nodded your head, “good. I came in here to ask if you’re going to stay here or go back to Gotham. I have some things to do so I’m going to the city for the rest of the day,” you placed in your hands in your coat pockets and walked out of the room.

“No, I’m going back to Gotham,” you walked down the stairs by his side, “I’m going to find somebody who I know may help me.”

“Oh? Who?” you jumped the last four steps and landed on your knees then stood and waved your arms up and down. It looked like you were about to take off and fly.

“This guy who dresses up like a huge bat. It’s silly but he can fly and do all this weird shit. I’ve seen him do it before, so have my other buddies. Ted saw him put Falcone on a search light so if he can do that, I think he can help me. The only problem that I have is that every time I see him it feels like I’m about to die because he scares me so much,” you walked ahead of him to the over-sized entrance to the mansion.

“Sounds like someone wants to play super hero,” he mused and you nodded, “in any case, please accompany me back to Gotham. It’s a long walk from here.”

“No,” you shot down his offer, “I can only take so much kindness before I feel I need to repay it. I don’t feel that way at the moment and I don’t want it to hover around me. Besides, I walked up here a few times and back, I’ll be fine,” Bruce frowned.

“Then here, at least,” he took out his wallet and took out a piece of green paper, “It’ll make me feel better.”

You hesitated before you took the paper and found it to be a hundred dollar bill, you pushed it back to him, staring him down, “I can live without it.”

“No, I want you to take it. You don’t have to pay it back; I’m giving it to you,” he closed his wallet and placed it back into his back pocket.

You made a face as you held the bill. You didn’t want it. What would happen if you threw it at him? Would he take it then? You opted not to and just crumbled it into a ball and shoved it into your coat pocket and muttered a thank you.

“Don’t mention it,” Bruce opened the door and your eyes slightly adjusted to the bright light as you stepped out.

“By the way, pick pockets always go for your back pockets because you never feel anything there and people are always stupid enough to put valuable things there,” you said as you began to walk and waved good-bye. You suddenly felt hurt that you were leaving. Most likely, under different circumstances, you would have stayed and if you weren’t what you were, would have totally gone after him.

“I’ll remember,” he called out. Once you reached the steps you accidentally tripped and rolled all the way down. Bruce nearly freaked and ran to the edge as he watched you stand and wobble then yell at him.

“Your front yards too damn big!” he laughed.

Once you had reached Gotham, it was already late afternoon. When you had reached the slums it was already nearing dusk. You didn’t stop to talk to your friends or to look for food like you normally did. You went around looking for a giant bat. You asked a few people but they looked at you as if you had finally lost it until you explained that you were looking for a chupacabra. They would then nod their heads then begin to talk about the goat sucker and you would run off, shaking your head. You continued doing this until later in the night when you had found Ted who was talking to Keith.

“Teeeedddd!” you whined as you sat next to him.

“Hey, you smell nice, mmhmm,” Ted poked at your coat.

“Be nice, nice, yeah,” Keith muttered.

“I took a shower for the first time in two weeks,” it looked like Ted was about to applaud you. Keith just kept poking at his nails, “anyway, have you seen that giant bat that put Falcone on the search light?”

“Bat? Bat?” Keith looked up, his eyes looked a bit surprised until Ted leaded over and explained that he had complimented his coat a while back. Keith then nodded and looked back at his nails.

“Did you?” you pressed.

“Haven’t seen ‘em for a few nights, no ma’am,” he shook his head, “been wonderin’ where ‘e went. Maybe ‘e went back to sleep in ‘is cave,” he snorted.

“Fwah,” you breathed, “thanks, Ted,” you hugged the old man then dashed off again.

“Nice, nice, smells nice, she does,” Keith muttered out.


You had searched for such a long time. You were tired and felt at a loss. Where was he? It felt like he wasn’t even going to appear tonight or any other night for that matter. You sighed as you sat on a crate and pondered. What to do, what to do. The harbor wasn’t doing any good. You had searched all over the slums and ended up walking over to the harbor to think. Watching the ships come in, load and sail off always entertained you but tonight the ships floated silently, docked as they waited to sail out again.

“This so blows,” you sighed out as you climbed down from the crate and began to walk further into the harbor. You turned a corner then noticed something rather odd. A boat was being unloaded by many, many men but that wasn’t the weird thing. There was a man with a weird sack on his head. You dove behind wall of crates and carefully climbed up and peeked over. You were sure of it. Scarecrow.

Shouts were given here and there as you wondered what they were doing. What was in the crates they were unloading? Was it more toxins? Was it something that would infect Gotham? You shivered. How could someone be so cruel and do that to an entire city? Sure, you could understand if they did it to mobsters but there were innocent people who lived in the city. They didn’t deserve what Scarecrow was planning.

You then panicked.

Scarecrow had looked over, saw you and pointed. Men looked as you slid down from behind the wall of crates and began running, looking for a hiding spot. You heard shouts and people running. You were going to die and you didn’t even find Man-Bat today!

You quickly spotted a crate that looked like the lid had been tampered with it. You lifted it up, climbed in then closed it. You watched through the cracks as men ran around, looking for you. None of them opted to look inside the crates and some began shouting at their partners. You sat back and took a deep breath then held it once the top of the crate opened. You held your breath because you had panicked and hoped it wasn’t who you thought it would be. Sadly, it was and a red gas appeared before you. You kept holding your breath, fearing what it was as Scarecrow picked you up out of the crate. Once out of the gas, you breathed and punched him in the face. He stumbled backwards as you tripped again as you tried to get yourself out of the crate. The crate tumbled over with you and you scrambled up and out but were caught again by a bigger man who held you. Scarecrow stood, holding his face as you held your breath again. He gassed you again and you kicked him between the legs. He fell. You wanted to laugh but the man behind you turned you around and punched you in the stomach. You keeled over and once out of the gas, gasped for breath. You felt like you were killing your brain every time you held your breath and felt like vomiting at this very moment.

“Put her in one of the crates and take her with us,” Scarecrow gasped out as he stood, his legs wobbled, “I’ll deal with her later. We need to get going now.”

Your body still felt like vomiting when the man picked you up and took you over to where you had watched everyone unload crates from the boat. You began breathing normally again then started scratching at his face, waving your arms and legs around violently, hoping he’d drop you. At the moment, it was like holding an angry kitty cat, only bigger.

Another man came over to help and held you down while the first man briefly left and returned with a bit of rope. He made a face after he saw his friend having trouble with you as he did. You were biting the man, cursing and trying really hard to knee him but it proved difficult. Hey, you weren’t going to die without fighting. The first man tied your arms behind your back as the other held you down again. The first man then picked you up and tried to shove you into an open crate but you kept your legs at its side, refusing to go in. The second man tried to help but you saw a brief opening and kicked him between the knees then kicked his chin upwards when he went down.

You laughed at him as the first man violently shoved you into the crate and closed the lid. You began cursing again and kicking at the lid but it felt as if the man had sat on it. Brilliant. You began to kick the sides but again, nothing. After a short while, you opted to just sit there and conserve energy rather than wasting it.

“I see, right through to you,” you began to softly sing a song you had heard on a radio a while ago, “I see, your every move,” you paused, forgetting some of the words, “I know you now, I reach your mind, you shown somehow what I could find, on the inside there you will see,” you stopped singing once you had forgotten the rest of the song.

You had nearly fallen asleep until you heard the lid being pried open. You positioned yourself in the crate while you were still slightly drowsy. Light flooded the dark crate once the lid was taken off. You saw a familiar face and once it came closer to the edge of the crate, you kicked it in the face. You were then roughly taken out of the box and you began kicking again.

“Look at this,” Scarecrow stood up, holding his face again, “a fearless little rat that can’t seem to die.”

“Who are you then? A freak who runs around in a mask spraying people with gas then running away? Very manly, I bet you get all the women,” you spat out, “at least I actually fight without a mask.”

“Really?” he seemed slightly amused, “then I wonder what you’re afraid of. Will you keep fighting then?” a man clamped a hand over your mouth and nose, blocking you from breathing. You kicked wildly as you desperately tried to breathe. You felt your brain pulse harder and felt your heart slowing down. You screamed into his hand and when he finally took it off, you breathed in deep as a red gas clouded your vision. You coughed and kept breathing it in, trying to replace the lack of oxygen. You looked up and watched as everything moved on its own. Scarecrows mask seemed to be moving on its own and you screamed. His voice sounded much deeper, so much scarier. You feared him more than Man-Bat at the moment.

You struggled violently, cursing again but it felt like you were going insane. Scarecrow came closer as you wildly kicked again and watched as he looked elsewhere. You were too occupied with what you were seeing with what was happening around you. You were dropped and you carefully stood and freaked out again after seeing everyone run around in a panic. It looked like a horror show. You screamed louder once you fell back into the crate someone had taken you out of. You stayed there and carefully breathed then closed your eyes.

‘Go away, go away,’ you thought, hoping it was all a bad dream and that you had just fallen asleep in the crate. You suddenly felt yourself being gently lifted up and being held as one would do to a bride. You snapped open your eyes and saw some sort of demon like figure with glowing, red eyes. You screamed louder than you ever had before and again, struggled violently to get out of his grasp. He held you tight as you attempted to scratch him but only kept hurting yourself since your wrists were still bound behind your back. You kept screaming bloody murder as he took you away from the place Scarecrow had taken you.

When you opened your eyes, you felt like your throat had been scratched with sand paper. You coughed and instantly noticed you were laying on a hard surface that felt cold when you touched it. You slowly sat up and slowly breathed. You were in a really big cave. It felt a little familiar but you had only been in one cave before and you had found Bruce in it somehow.

“You were poisoned with Scarecrows fear toxin,” it was the voice that you had been looking for all night. You turned your head to see Man-Bat standing next to you, “I injected you with the antidote so you’ll be immune from his toxin from now on,” you nodded your head then grabbed his cape as assurance that he was there, “I also heard that you were looking for me,” you nodded your head again.

“I-I remembered,” you muttered out, trying to get the dry feeling out of your throat as you gulped. You briefly explained to him how you finally remembered and that there was something that was going to happen. You explained about the toxin, what you’ve heard over the past few days on the streets, mutterings and murmurs, everything you remembered. He listened closely as you finished explaining.

“Thank you,” he turned but you kept holding onto his cape.

“I want to help,” you choked.

He turned his head and looked down at you, “what can you do?” was he going to let you help?

“I’m a thief, I have plenty of skills. I eavesdrop a lot so I hear a lot of things. I’m smart and I can run. I can pick any sort of lock and I know the slums like the back of my hand. Please, please let me help. I can’t just sit around knowing that this may actually become reality, please,” you began tugging at his cape. You had never actually pleaded with someone before, sure, a bunch of times you had but you never actually meant it. It was usually just part of a plan to get out of a situation, “please, I’ll do anything, I just want to help.”

A few moments passed and you felt it was hopeless so you let go.

“Are you willing to do things that you wouldn’t normally do?” he finally asked. You looked up and nodded without thinking, “will you listen to each and every command I give without fail or question?” you nodded again, “then I have a use for you. Also, my name is Batman, not Man-Bat.”