Spirit Archer
Sanctuary, Shine


Chapter Seven

A sentence was written that came off a wall in Germany which was written during World War II. Don’t fret because the reader says God. People panic but the reader is you. You recited a sentence. That’s all. I made this story to be as open as I could so that the reader’s likes and dislikes could be incorporated within the story itself. If you believe in God, alright (I do too) and if you don’t, then you don’t.

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This story was made purely for enjoyment purposes and does not make a profit 'nor will it ever.

There was news about a microwutsitcalled that was stolen from Wayne Enterprise that was circulating around the slums and slowly seeping into the city’s ears. People were talking about how it was able to vaporize water, be used against enemies in war and cook your ramen. Well, that’s what you heard from one old lady who had her kid on a leash. Parents today, silly, silly parents.

You wobbled around as the moon rose higher through the tree leaves. It must have been two days. Two days since you saved your ass again from Man-Bat. He was getting harder to avoid each time you met him. He was a smart one, knowing what you’ve already used against him but you were smarter. Weren’t you? Then why do you keep getting caught?!

“Because I can’t run faster than him!” you cried out at your conscious.

Wait, what? Why not? You ran from Gotham to the outskirts non-stop! What the hell?!

“He… scares me?” you confessed as you walked towards the sound of cascading water.

Well, that’s a load of bull. You’ve fought off police scarier than him.

“That’s because I was lucky and they were hit by something else,” you scaled over a rock the size of you that blocked your way.

Pfft. What luck? You’ve no luck. If you did, why are you homeless?

“Because certain circumstances made it so,” you jumped from the rock and accidentally smashed a gardener snake, “oops.”

Certain circumstances? You’re old enough to get back on your feet! Smart enough to start a company and instead, instead you’re rummaging through dumpster trucks and feasting on half eaten, molded apples! Do you know what you could have already caught?

“The doctors at the prison said I was fine,” you nearly tripped over a root.

That was what, two weeks ago? And again, it was when? Two weeks ago that you bathed?!

“I fell in the canal over by Thunderbird,” you reminded your conscious when you had accidentally tripped and fell into the raging canal some days ago.

That wasn’t a bath! That was just like pouring water over a wet dog and letting it run around in the garbage without even putting soap on it!

“You’re saying I smell like a wet dog?” you pulled your coat close to your nose to sniff. You smelled a hint of onions and you hate onions.

I’m saying that you need soap and water. Break into someone’s home and do that, will you? It’ll at least make me feel a bit better about your health. What’s left of it at least.

“I’ll tell you now, I’m very healthy,” you stopped to gaze at the waterfall you stood before. It was magnificent and roared so proudly, “I run at for many miles every now and then, I stretch, I don’t have bad breath so I know that there’s nothing orally wrong with me–“

You said oral. Haha.

“Who’s the stupid one now?” you began to climb down the ledge. Something within the waterfall caught your eye. It looked like a big, gaping hole so you decided you would explore it.

Honestly, lighten up. Well, what else is right with you then? I’m not convinced.

“My eye sight has never been better. I can still see from far away but I’m sort of questioning if I can see really close,” you placed your foot on a rock and nearly slipped because it was covered in water, “lately, I’ve been noticing that I can’t really read like I used to.”

It could have been because you slammed your head into the concrete in the sewer a few days ago or maybe because you hit that stop sign down by the school area in Gotham. It could be a small side-effect that’s just taking a few days to clear up.

“Well, aside from that, my hair has been growing longer but I have noticed this thing on my stomach. It’s a bit black and I can’t seem to get it off.”

It’s dust. Honestly. It was just caked on because you never BATHE. You need to scrub it off, not scratch it off with your nail bitten fingers. It also may be a bruise from when you landed on that shopping cart. I don’t know why that didn’t kill you.

“Because I’m lucky,” you treaded through the water once you reached the bottom. The current pushed heavily against you. You held onto each rock you grabbed tightly and placed your footing between rocks or cracks and made sure each step was secure before you got to the other side and started climbing right next to the waterfall.

If you’re lucky, then I’m a Panda bear.

“It would suit you, since you’re so adorable and cuddly,” a rock crumbled beneath your feet, making you nearly fall again.

Oh, haha. Very funny, very funny. Where would you be without me? Nowhere, that’s what. That’s where you technically are now.

“What lies you spew, I’m actually somewhere. I’m right next to a beautiful waterfall, I have no bills to worry about and I don’t have to worry about paying for loans and schooling. The only thing I need to watch out for is if I get fat and getting caught.”

And you always seem to get caught often.

“Are we done with this conversation? I sound like I’m insane,” you carefully climbed to the side as you began going under the waterfall.

You already half are or so it seems. What difference does it make? Now don’t bother me, I’m going back to write my story.

“What? My conscious writes stories?” you coughed as you accidentally breathed in water once you grabbed the caves ledge.

Yeah, really smutty ones.

“Ew, apparently my conscious is also perverted,” you made a face as you hauled yourself into the cave.

Yes, now let me continue.

“Whatever,” you stumbled into the cave, stepping over puddles of water and larger rocks. You pulled your pants up a bit as they had slightly fallen by the weight of the access water that was on them.

The cave felt much cooler than being out in the night air. Then again, it also felt cooler because you were soaking wet from your navel down. You carefully walked down a beaten path with your hand against the cave wall for support and guidance. It wasn’t long until you came to a wider opening in the cave and met an incredibly high ceiling with sharp pointy rocks that looked dangerous if they fell.

“What the hell were they called?” you wondered out loud as you stared at them.

I have no clue, you idiot, otherwise I would have written its name.

“Shhh,” you shushed your conscious as you took your hand off the wall and stared at the ceiling. Light came from here and there and it looked like it was illuminated from the outside. Everything had a soft or dark glow to it so it made the cave feel more eerie.

‘How creepy,’ you thought as you stepped forward and over a few rocks before your foot hit water. You balanced on one foot and stood there for a bit as your eyes fully adjusted to the darkness. You could somewhat see the ripples as they moved farther and farther away from you. You then looked ahead of you to see a wall blocking your path. To your side was an opening but you turned to see the waterfall behind you.

‘Bathe?’ you thought as you turned and stepped forward. The water went deeper and you kept going until you felt the cold water hit your waist, ‘bathe!’

You took off your coat and threw it over towards a rock nearby which was followed by your shirt and upper garment. You stretched as you were topless and began walking towards the rock to sit by it to take off your pants and so on.

‘I think I’m going to catch a cold with this,’ you shivered at the thought but before you walked on you looked down to examine yourself. Your conscious was right, even though you hadn’t seen yourself naked for what seemed like forever, you looked horrid. Dirt was caked here and there, bruises, small scabs from older wounds and various new wounds that ranged from big to small. One even looked infected.

“Blarrr, disgusting,” you poked the area around the infection.

“Whoa!” you heard a males’ voice yelp. You looked up and saw his figure back up and hide behind the wall. While he did this, you panicked, moved your arms about then fell backwards into the water and you sank in, covering yourself.

“The hell man!?” you yelled as you moved your legs forward, back to the rock that had half of your clothing on it.

“Well, I heard something and looked and there you were,” the voice sounded very, very familiar. You didn’t want to identify it. Noooo, you didn’t, so you pretended it was someone else.

“Whatever, go away, I’m doing things,” you shivered.

“While being naked?” it questioned. It sounded like the voice was getting a bit farther away.

“I was… trying to drain this big puddle. Yes and don’t say I wasn’t because I was,” it felt like trying to bathe in this large puddle felt like a bad choice. You felt your body going rigid and began to shiver much more violently.

“Alright, hold on then. Stay there, please,” you heard a noise and machines doing something back there. You were tempted but didn’t. Instead, after the noise was gone, you called out wondering if it would answer. Nothing responded, only small chirps and water falling outside. You jumped to the ledge and quickly began putting on your top and coat before you heard the sound again. At this point, you began jumping, trying to get the water out of your pants.

“What are you doing now?” the voice was back and closer than ever. You looked up from your jumping to see Wayne holding a towel.

“I’m trying to see if my pants can crap money from its pockets so I can buy a tub,” you responded smartly.

“Uh huh,” he half smirked and threw you the towel which you used to wrap around your waist.

“What are you doing here?” you asked as you moved your hips around, sporting your new towel skirt.

“I could ask the same to you.”

“We already know why I was here, trying to bathe,” you tightened the towel as much as you could with your pants on.

“In water which must be freezing cold?” he cocked his head slightly. He looked cute confused.

“Do not ask questions to bums! We have our ways, you have yours!” you poked his chest.

“Yes, well, let’s go then, I think you’d rather have a warm bath than a cold one,” he pulled a long piece of fabric from his coat pocket which frightened you half to death.

“Oh, God! I knew you were odd but not that odd!” you stepped back and put up an arm in defense.

“What?” he seemed slightly amused by what you were trying to say.

“Aren’t you into that kinky stuff that I hear all the time from the prostitutes and other random people?” you never let down your arm. Maybe this was all a trap.

“What? No!” he laughed, “I just.. have something I don’t want you to see here. I promise, it’s nothing bad,” he slowly advanced, not wanting to make you jump anymore.

“Yeah right! You have all that junk down here in a cave in the middle of nowhere. Just like your tub,” he blushed.

“Just come here,” he pulled your arm away from the waters’ edge and went around you to tie the blindfold around your eyes. Inside you panicked but outside you stayed calm. He then gently grabbed your hand and pulled you close besides him. You tripped here and there as you continued to mock him and his sex habits which he commented back that it was all in your head.

“What would your dad say if he saw you like this, hm?” you asked as you heard a clang and machines starting to move. You then felt a jolt and then everything going up like an elevator.

“He would say, nice going, kiddo,” he mused.

“You’re disgusting,” you stuck your tongue out once you heard another clang then another and the machines stopped. Shortly after that, the feeling of going up suddenly stopped and Bruce led you once again. This time, it felt like you were walking on something soft rather than rocks. The sound of water rushing was gone.

“I have another question for you,” he took off your blind fold and your eyes met a bright room that happened to be his big ass drawing room. He let go of your hand and you followed him out the room, into the front room and up the staircase, “what kind of parents name their kid Bruce now-a-days? Did you get beat up in private rich kid school for that?”

“My parents, apparently,” he responded. You both reached the second floor and he began going down the same hallway you had ran down possibly a week ago. You lost track of time a lot, “and I never got beat up in school. Once I did but that was by accident,” he opened a room, “this is your room. Stay for as long as you like. Alfred has already prepared clothing for you to sleep in. If you put your clothing by the door, he’ll come and collect it and wash it for you if you’d like.”

“Is this how you woo people?” you crouched and peeked into the room. It looked very, very nice.

“I don’t ‘woo’ people like this. If I wanted to ‘woo’ you, I would have already taken you to my room and had you. In the tub,” he laughed.

“Haha, very funny,” you stood and walked into the room, ‘pity it’s being used on me,’ you thought as you looked at the room. It was a very beautiful room. The designs in everything looked very elaborate and expensive. The bed looked liked Bruces, very expensive bedding, everything looked fluffed up so that if you jumped on it, you would instantly sink in. The drapery had a solid coloring with designs that seemed to match the bedding. The dresser looked like a dark and just polished oak as did the rest of the wooden furniture. You scampered over to a full length mirror and pulled at it, only seeing that it came off slightly.

“What are you doing?” Bruce asked as you curiously peeked behind the mirror.

“The rooms looks so bloody expensive, I thought you would have put a walk in closet. You cheapskate,” you fumed.

“Unless you have suitcases in your pockets, I don’t think you’ll need one,” it sounded as if he stifled a laugh.

“Whatever, thanks and get out,” you growled. Hey, you had a room, now it was private time.

“What? That’s how you thank m--!” you shoved him out and shut the door on him. Honestly, don’t men learn to get out when women say get out?

You walked over towards a door which you suspected was probably the bathroom while admiring the oriental looking rug that covered the entire floor. You then opened the door and like with Bruces bathroom, nearly had a heart attack. The tub close to the door looked like a death trap as it appeared to be a giant, elegant hole in the floor. It had a type of texture that was a gorgeous brown and had golden faucets next to the wall. In front of it lay two candles that were covered in gold-yellowish boxes that made it look stunning.

“I’m not bathing in that,” you shivered as you had move slightly. Your cold pants touched your skin and made you want to jump out and under something very warm. Instead, you opted for the shower which stood at the end of the bath. Like Bruces, it had clear glass walls, horrible for privacy. There was a window next to it which creeped you out a bit.

“Second floor, it should be alright but who the hell puts a window next to a shower?” you cursed whoever built this bathroom and began to quickly strip. Once done, you balled everything, opened the door then threw it next to the door that led out of your room and hoped whoever took them wasn’t repulsed by them then shut the door and locked it. You then noticed clothing next to you on the counter. You stared at what looked like a white shirt and seemed like black pants beneath them. You didn’t touch them for fear of dirtying the white color in the shirt. It was then that you noticed yourself in the mirror.

Oh how far you had fallen from your youth.

You hadn’t really seen your body (minus from looking at yourself but from a mirror? No.) in what seemed like forever so you hadn’t seen the condition of it. You still looked a bit thin which should be a good sign with all the running you were doing a while ago. Then again, it may also be signaling the lack of food you’re eating. The last time you ate something was yesterday morning but that wasn’t even enough to fill you. A slight concern over your health began to rise. Maybe your conscious was right. Maybe you needed to think about your health more. You were young, you should have looked better than this but you weren’t. It was all because of the lack of nutrition, lack of sleep, the constant running around, climbing, jumping and not taking care of your body properly. You noticed you had light bags under your eyes. You had gotten some sleep here and there, napped everywhere that was safe each time you felt tired but they were there. Your hair looked dry and your skin looked tan. It was possibly either the color or the dirt, you didn’t know. You had forgotten what your original skin color looked like.

You saw your ribs stick out slightly and decided it was enough of looking and shuffled over towards the shower and stepped onto the ledge after opening the door and closed it right behind you. You jumped when you turned on the shower. It was ice cold! It took you a few moments to figure out how to change the temperature and did so when you found out how to do so. The water warmed then turned hot but you stood there, taking in the heat that turned your skin red. You held yourself for a few more moments then turned the temperature down to a slightly colder setting. You began washing yourself with what you found in the shower stall and rubbing hard against your skin. Dirt began to color the water below you as you continued to rub your skin raw every this way and that. You needed to clean; you were filthy, filthy, filthy.

You dropped to your knees and leaned your shoulder against the wall. You felt a wavy of pity overcome you. Pity for no one else but yourself. You could have all these things, a nice home, a warm bed but you didn’t. Why didn’t you? You had the ability to get it in an honest way but why didn’t you? It wasn’t because you weren’t lazy, you could handle money and you were smart but why? You couldn’t answer it. You simply couldn’t. A wave of depression overtook you. You felt a breakdown coming.

You wanted to weep as you sat against the tiled floor and matching wall. Weep for everything you lost and everything you lacked. You were never alone because you had friends but they never walked with you. You always walked with them. They never followed you on your daily trips throughout Gotham but they comforted you when you were sick and near death countless times before. They treated your wounds the best they could when you were hurt and comforted you when you were at a loss. It just felt so lonely because no one ever stuck around with you. You just wandered.

You pounded at the wall, hoping against hope that some sort of miracle would happen at this moment and poof; you would have a clean and warm home to yourself. You were just telling yourself lies again. There was nothing there. Only you.

“I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining,” you hated breakdowns. You hated feeling pity and scratched at the tiled wall, “I believe in love, even when I am alone,” you recited a phrase you read long ago. The phrase gave you such comfort and a glimpse of hope, “I believe in God, even when He is silent,” you scratched at the tile a bit more before kneeling down, letting your forehead touch the ground and sitting there for a while as the water continued to wash away your sorrows.

Drying your hair with the towel you used to dry your body, you stepped out of the bathroom and quickly took notice that your pile of clothes was gone.

“I’d better get those back in the morning,” you growled as you threw the towel onto the bathroom floor and began to get the bed ready to sleep in, “I don’t care anymore,” your limbs felt like they were screaming again, possibly from climbing to the cave earlier and hiking up this way. You thought no more once you were under the warm covers. You hadn’t felt this comfortable since a time long, long ago. You then briefly remembered when your mother would tuck you in and kiss you goodnight, comforting you with her sweet words that there were no monsters in the closet or under the bed that night and that you could sleep soundly without worrying. You suddenly felt a loss again, not for what you didn’t have but for a sense of reality but because once your head had touched the pillow you were gone to the world.

“Why do you keep running? What are you hiding?”

“Waiting.” “For what? A lover?” “Time.”

”Then why don’t you help us get on our feet and we won’t be so disgusting and gross instead of trying to kill us as a means of getting rid of us.”

“Mommy says we can’t.”

“It’s hard not to oblige to your requests.”

“You’re going to break my arm!”

“I can be cheap sometimes too.”

“We are going to poison Gothams water supply. —It is a toxin that attacks your nerves, your brain and your sense of reality. —It is a fear toxin that makes what you see into what you fear.”

You woke and your eyes drifted towards the window. The moon shined brightly through the small opening between the curtains. You shivered.

You remembered.

The bat will then notice that the rat has foolishly left a trail and will follow it to the end.