Spirit Archer
Sanctuary, Shine


Chapter Four

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Untouchable, unknowledgeable, unforgivable; unbreakable.

What were they blabbering about on that television set? Once again, you found yourself standing idly, staring stupidly up at the television sets in front of an electronic store. Instead of playing the news, they had it on a station with a really fat guy and some woman with too much make up caked on her face. She was yakking about the human race and how important it was to the world. They make improvements, they clean up, they help each other and she casts away the questions given by the audience about how some humans cause environmental problems. She ignores the ones that state that there are bad people in the world. She stands firm on her belief that humans are all powerful and that is why they rule on this planet and that is why they are unbreakable.

What sort of junk is this? You truly hoped this was a commercial for a new movie but then the fat man started talking and shooting down her beliefs and you quickly began to lose hope. Maybe it was just a really, really long trailer? In response of this network, you belched. A few people behind you jumped and you hit your chest. Where the hell did that come from? Hadn’t anyone taught you proper manners?

“You did it,” you pointed at a haggard, old man who walked passed you in slight disgust, only slight because he chuckled lightly.

You hobbled away from the window, no longer interested in the trash being played behind it. It had been possibly two days since you had ran straight from Wayne Manor back into Gotham. You practically died when you reached the city limits. You had collapsed once you hit a crowded area, breathing heavily and gasping. It felt like your heart was to give out. You freaked so many people out, someone called the ambulance. Before you passed out you mustered up a bit of strength and punched a few people, yelling and shouting, saying that you were an escapee from Arkham and that you were armed. They stepped back as you scurried off (or wobbled) into an alley and disappeared (actually, you fell into a box and slept there for two days).

You decided you needed a break, a break from mobsters, rich-mobby people and society in general. After a short time-lapse, one was able to watch you going from the entrance of the slums into an active shopping center (a hot spot for muggers, dealers and so on since it was so close to the slums) with large boxes. People watched as you placed the boxes in one area, stacking them next to a Victoria’s Secret shop. Employees of various stores looked out curiously from where they stood as they watched you disappear and then reappear a few minutes later with another box. You even came back with two metal trash cans and feverously took the lids out as you had stuffed them in. Some people stopped to gawk, random security guards started to stand by idly, wondering what the hell you were doing and one child even had the gall to ask what you were doing.

“Are you making a secwet club?” he asked. You marked him as around maybe four or so. His mother must have been the irresponsible type if she let him off.

“Sort of,” you responded, standing on your tip toes to set a box higher, “I’m making a fort!”

“A fowt? What that?” he asked, placing his thumb in his mouth.

“It’s like what you said, a secret club, only better! You can make it out of anything,” you move a box slightly to make a door way, “you can make it under your bed, in your closet, anywhere!” you chirped.

“We don’t hab a bed,” the little boy replied.

“You don’t? So where do you sleep?” you paused.

“On chairs outside,” he looked up at you with his big, hazel eyes like he was telling you the time of day, “mommy says we can’t, can’t..,” he looked down for a moment to think what he was going to say next, “gib.. that gween smelly paper to people anymow,” he nodded, happy with what he spoke.

“Why not?” you pushed slightly, he was a child and he didn’t know what he was saying but that was alright, you guessed.

“Daddy went away and mommy got bery sad then some angry people came and mommy took me when it was still my wed time so I didn’t get sweep that night. I like it wecause I can play wit my fwends in the pawk all the time!” he clapped his hands together happily. You heart broke.

“Here,” you picked up the boy and placed him in your fort on one of the trashcans, “stay here and don’t let any bad people come in, okay? This is a secret fort and we’re the only ones allowed in here. I’ll be right back,” you turned but he tugged on your ragged coat.

“If it’s secwet, then why is it where lotsa people can see?” he asked, placing his thumb in his mouth again. He shook his head slightly, getting his messy, brown hair out of his face.

“Because,” you pause and thought of a book you read long ago, “it’s a moving fort! It has magic so it moves. People can’t see it because it’s invisible!” you gently bopped his nose as he let go, “I’ll be back!” you scurried off, not taking the boy with you to the slums. There was various, good reasons on why not to take him. Disease lurked everywhere, murderers, the insane that belonged in Arkham, corrupted police officers and there was the chance that his mother would pop along and take him if you left him there anyway. You might have also been charged with kidnapping if the mother suddenly came back and couldn’t find him.

It took you only a few minutes to get from the shopping center back to the slums to get one last box then go back. When you arrived, the boy was still there, idly waiting for you while playing with his feet. As stealthily as you could, you placed the box right next to the make-shift fort then ran the other direction, towards the exit of the center, the one you kept coming in and out of. Instead of exiting, you ran into an old fashioned toy shop.

You briefly browsed, wondering what would be good for a four-year-old. You had never really talked to kids, minus your youth, so you didn’t know what sort of toy would be age appropriate for him. It also didn’t help that you were a girl and used to play with Barbie’s all the time when you were younger, at least that’s what you could remember. Your memory was so faint that you could only remember bits and pieces. It didn’t bother you much anyway. You’d rather live in the present than the past.

In the end, you picked up two G.I. Joe action figures, a set of blocks and a really big teddy bear. You placed all of these things at the checkout and the employee who was ringing up items started at you cautiously. When he rang your items up and said the amount, you fumbled through your pockets, keeping your money out of his view (he was leaning over the counter to see what you had) then placed a messy pile of money in front of him, took your items and left.

When you arrived back at the fort, the boy was still there but this time, he was lying on his stomach talking to himself.

“And then we’ll make our own fowt to keep icky giwls out,” he patted the ground.

“I’m an icky girl?” you sounded surprised as you carefully placed the teddy bear and other toys into the fort. He immediately jumped up.

“You’we not icky! You’we fwendly and funny!” he clapped his hands together, “Awe those youw’s?” he eyed the teddy bear.

“I brought them from my home so that I could give them to you!” you said happily. Once you said this, he jumped up in delight then tackled the bear, “how cute!” you squealed as he picked up the action figures.

You briefly ran back out of the fort, took up the empty box you had brought and left then came back in, putting the box in front of the entrance, “the fort is complete!” you announced happily, the child cried in delight.

“Yay! Yay! Fowt com…com..,” he paused, trying to say the word.

“Com,” you started and he repeated, “pl-e-te,” you high-fived him (or attempted to. At this point, you taught him how to do a high-five) once he said it correctly. It got slightly annoying when he kept repeating it over and over but the adrenaline that came from when he said the word totally overshadowed the annoyed feeling.

You peeked over the fort walls as he started bashing the action figures together and into the small, wooden blocks. People were still gathered around here and there, wondering what the pile of boxes you had made was for. There were a few security guards here and there and.. wait. That one guy by the smoothie stand, he looked oddly familiar. You stared a bit more and before you could identify him a security guard came up to you. You jumped and hid behind the wall.

“Ma’am, what do you think you’re doing?” his voice was slightly rough as he held his hands on his hips.

“I made a fort to keep evil people like you out,” you snarled from behind the wall, putting to action the saying ‘If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.’

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you go remove these boxes. The owners in the stores next to your little ‘fort’ have complained that you’re driving away customers.”

You peaked out, then stood and leaned carefully over the molded boxes and looked into the Victoria’s Secret, watching people come in and out. You then turned your head and leaned a little farther out and watched as people also went in and out of the Forever 21 store. You then looked at him.

“Are they invisible customers that I’m driving away? Because I see a lot of people going in and out. I don’t think they mind the boxes,” you shrugged and sat back down.

“Ma’am, this is also a health issue, where did you get the boxes? Most of them are molded and smell horrible,” his face twisted slightly.

“Maybe it’s just you. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re just the one that smells bad?” you suggested. He glared dangerously at you, “or maybe because I got them from the slums,” you quickly added.

“If you don’t get these boxes out of here now, I will arrest you and make you take them out,” he threatened and began pointing his finger at you and the boxes.

“You can’t do that, that’s discrimination,” you shouted.

“Discrimination against what?” he questioned you, thinking you had the million dollar answer.

“Having fun,” you stated simply, “I’m not doing anything wrong, the most I’m doing is putting something obstructing in peoples ways. Besides, I have my fort between the stores so no one’s going to randomly trip over one of my boxes, unless I forgot to put the invisible one in my fort,” you shrugged. The boy then threw the action figures into the teddy bear.

“And is that your son?” the security guard eyed the boy.

“Oh, heaven’s no!” you shook your head furiously, “he was a boy that came to me and asked me what I was doing. He said he was with his mom but as you know, no mother in their right mind would leave their child or even let their child talk to someone looking like this,” you opened your ragged coat, revealing your dirtied shirt, torn pants and worn-out shoes, “not with one of the homeless, oh no. You know because we’re disease ridden and all,” you wiggled your fingers in front of his face, he nearly slapped them away but moved backwards, “so I thought, “I’ll just keep the boy here until he sees his mom or she comes by. That’s a good idea,” you nodded, making a fist and pounding the bottom to your other hand, “I think so at least.”

“Ma’am, we have a lost and found in this area. You could have just taken the boy there.”

“No we don’t,” you shook your head, “I’ve been here so many times and been in so many places, just like you have and I’ve yet to see a Lost and Found place. There’s a customer service but when I found a kid once and took them there, they turned me away. They were very angry too. I think they had too many customers that day. But anyway, is the Lost and Found invisible too?”

His glare hardened, “you have five minutes to get rid of these boxes or you’ll be arrested.”

“Your moms gonna be arrested,” you stuck your tongue out at him and jumped back once he made a grab for you, “careful! I got these boxes from some guy who looked like he had the bird flu!” that comment made the guard jump back as you laughed. The guard then took out his walkie-talkie and started to call in. You caught the words ‘insane’, ‘out of control’, ‘riot’ and other key words like that. You then figured that he must have been one of the corrupted.

“I wonder how you got your job,” you asked as he was still calling in back up, “did you bribe someone? Did you,” you paused and looked at the boy who was now comfortably on top of the bear. It looked like he was about to take a nap, “woo someone? Did you even actually apply? Tell me, do you think that being a security guard is fun? Maybe you should have applied to the GPD, at least they get to harass people with fo-“ you quickly jumped back when he had dropped his walkie-talkie and jumped for you. You hit the back of your fort, making it collapse and falling down with it. You moved away as quick as you could from the boy so he wouldn’t get hurt then was quickly picked up and violently pushed onto the wall.

“I’m going to enjoy punching your face in,” he growled, “scum like you don’t deserve to live.”

“Then why don’t you help us on our feet and we won’t be so disgusting and gross, instead of trying to kill us as a means of getting rid of us,” you snarled back then jabbed him in the eyes. He let go and wobbled backwards. Your senses picked up as you made a quick dash for the boy, grabbed him then leapt from your make-shift fort and down the strip.

“What happen..?” the boy asked, yawning as he did so.

“The bad people came, so our fort is moving!” you replied as you dodged a few people then crossed the street.

“Weally?” excitement filled his voice as he looked around, “whewe is it?”

“It’s invisible, don’t worry, you’ll find it when we get there,” you muttered to him then stopped quickly as a car nearly hit you.

“Lady, watch where you’re going!” the man driving yelled out his window then began to curse at you. You covered the boys ears as much as you could, punched the man’s hood as hard as you could (and leaving a small dent which made him yell more at you) then ran to the other side. You looked back and saw the security guard running after you on the other side of the street. When you looked forward, you saw a few more who pointed at you. Thinking quickly, you ran inside the store you were next to and barged through a bunch of people, knocking over a few book stands and nearly hitting a child.

“Sorry!” you called out as the mother picked up the child and comforted it while she glared at you. You paused in the middle of the store looking around. You read a sign at the end that said ‘Barnes and Nobles Kid Center!’ and shook your head. You looked to the side and noticed a bathroom area.

“Yessss!” you muttered to yourself as you dashed that way, ran towards the bathrooms then turned again and went straight into the Employee only door. You jiggled the lock a few times and kept muttering ‘Common, common’. The boy stared at what you were doing as you began pressing a few keys on the digital lock. The boy laughed as he listened to the tune you kept playing and the invalid noise it would make when the key turned out to be wrong. In frustration, you backed up and kicked the lock. It didn’t budge but when you were about to kick it, an employee came out and stared at you. You barged in and ran through the stacks of books waiting to be sold, packages waiting to be opened, doors that led to offices and so on. You ran all the way to the back, looking for the exit. A few employees shouted at you to get out but once you spotted the emergency exit, you threw that door open and ran out, alarms blaring behind you.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” you attempted to comfort the boy once he had put his hands over his ears to block out the loud sound. Like a few days before, you kept running and didn’t stop.

By the time you stopped, you had found yourself at Gotham Parks, the central area of the city. You sat the boy down on the grass and sat on a bench, resting and breathing heavily. Maybe you should consider a job in sprinting.

“That was fun!” the boy cried as he pulled at the grass.

“Yeah… it was…,” you breathed then laid down on the bench.

You closed your eyes as the boy started playing with your limp arm. You covered your eyes with your other arm and began to think. For some reason, your thoughts wandered from the woman on the television earlier, preaching about how the human race was absolute, to the old man chuckling. Then you thought about the man who you had stared at for a short while before the security guard came by. You pondered, pondered, pondered. And he was…? He looked very familiar. Maybe he was the man you stalked some nights ago? No, he was a bit bigger than that skinny guy. He looked awfully nice too. When you had stared, you felt yourself growing rather hot then realized you were blushing while you kept staring. You then remembered he had looked at you right as the guard came to your view. You kept repeating that same scene over and over again until you realized.

“That was that funny mobster guy!” you shot up in realization. That man was the man that had woken you up two nights ago and made you run from Bruce Wayne’s house.

“Maybe it was a butler,” you mused as you played with the boys hands.

“Ian?” a woman’s voice asked.

The boy looked up, “mommy!” the boy stood up and ran to a weathered looking woman. They embraced and you ‘aww’d’.

“Think nothing wrong,” you started as the woman looked at you cautiously, “he ran up to me at the shopping center and didn’t really tell me where you were so I kept him, hoping you would find him or he’d find you, whatever but some things happened and we came here,” you paused then shook your arms with a slight grin.

“Whatever but thank you,” she actually took a hold of your filthy hand and shook it, “I lost him while I was at the center and looked for him everywhere. Security was no help so I thought ‘maybe he would come here?’ but he’s so young, he wouldn’t know. I was just hoping he would since we come here every day,” she explained as she bounced the young boy in her arms.

“Where’s your secret fowt?” the boy asked you.

“Over there,” you pointed towards a jungle gym in the distance, “it can disguise itself to be anything you want it to be.”

“So I’be been in it lots?!” he looked surprised. You nodded, “yay!”

The mother thanked you again and the boy waved as they walked off towards the jungle gym.

“I’m so very, very helpful,” you raised your arms over your head then stretched.

“Yes, you are,” a familiar male voice said behind you. You jumped in pure fright and muffled a scream with your hands. That man! That mob man! Was he a ninja or something? “May I ask, seeing as how you ran away last time,” he began to walk towards you. You jumped again and leapt onto the bench, “why you were in my home?”

“I wasn’t in your home,” you shook your head.

“Then by any chance do you know someone who wears the same clothes as you do?” he smiled lightly. You wanted to die.

“Ted,” you thought, “but he wears a beanie. And Alice, but all her stuffs purple,” you just shot yourself dead.

“But I meant, clothes exactly like yours,” he walked over towards the back of the bench. You jumped off and landed on the grass.

“I…somebody… who would break into your… house?” was this Bruce Wayne? And again, you shot yourself dead. “So why’d you do it? I’m not mad, just curious,” he leaned over the bench, propping his arms on them for support.

You shifted your legs and started pulling up pieces of grass, just like Ian had done before. You were a dead duck so it wouldn’t hurt if he knew, right? Besides, you were apparently fast at running, so you could just run like hell! “I saw the house on the news and it looked so big,” you drew your arms wide to make it much clearer, “so I thought ‘hey, what’s inside?’ so I walked there and broke in,” you paused, “that part was partially your fault. I tried hard to unlock to deadbolt but it seemed that it was already unlocked,” he blinked then shook his head and muttered something you weren’t able to catch, “then I started running around because the floors were really fun to slide around on. Nothing seemed nice on the ground floor, besides the vases. They’re so big!” you looked up at him, remembering the vases then looked back down to hide that blush that was creeping up on you, “and I ran up the stairs, looked through a few rooms, was almost attacked by a mop and dude, I don’t know but you got some freaky bathroom going on. I nearly died when I turned on the lights there. Do you woo people a lot in there?” you looked up at him curiously. It looked like he was the one blushing now, “anyway. I took a shiny pen and some change that I used yesterday for a bit of food, but here,” you took out a pen from your pocket, stood and handed it to him, “you can have it back if you want. I just really like shiny things,” you sat down again, “and I accidentally fell asleep on a bed and there,” you clapped your hands together, “that’s it.”

“Interesting,” he spun the pen between his fingers.

“Was it expensive?” you asked.

“Actually, it was a dollar,” he laughed. You twitched, “I can be cheap sometimes too,” he threw the pen back at you, “you can have it if you’d like.”

“Er… thank.. you?” you twirled the pen in your hands then placed it in your pocket again.

“My name is Bruce Wayne,” he stated, you looked up at him.

“Are you a mob boss in with Falcone?” you blurted out. He stared at you and laughed.

“No, no, I’m not.”

“Then why are you so rich?” you stood up.

“Because back when Gotham was a good city, my father made good money. Then when the economy plunged, he somehow still made money but used it to get Gotham back the way it was.”

Was he… good then?

“Oh,” you looked down for a moment then up towards him, “my name is–“

“Hey!” someone shouted. You looked to the side to see a police officer pointing at you, “you! You’re supposed to be in jail!” he began running after you. You then recognized him as the man who had arrested you a month ago.

“Shit!” you cried, quickly said good-bye to the millionaire then ran for it down the park and back into the city of Gotham.