False Truths
The Forgotten

Elena Skye

With her little funny eyes of hazel, with her little funny old blue hat, she will go and set the world on fire, no one ever thought she could do that. - Walking on Air: Kerli

Forever praying for peace, the Betrayer

Name: Elena Skye
Nickname: Eli
Age: 23
Birthday: November 22 (12.02 AM)

Eyes: Light green
Hair: Brunette
Skin: Pale
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120
Build: Slender, curvaceous and sensual, physically weak
Blood Type: O
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Gemstone: Amethyst

Likes: Being near her sister, learning a new instrument, card games, drawing, being around people, taking care of the ill, and being a shoulder for people to lean on.
Dislikes: Getting in trouble because of Reina, coconuts, being in uncomfortable places, watching television, blood, things not going her way, butter, and the smell of rain.

Strong Points: Healing spells, being the voice of reason, caring, and giving.
Has Trouble With: Being more outgoing, speaking up, making sensible decisions when she wants something desperately,and being around toddlers.

Dream: To become an elementary school teacher and teach young children music or art.

Personality: Elenas’ personality is peaceful. She’s mellow at times and is the one in the back who always listens to reason, fully understands situations, and can communicate a tiny bit better than her older sibling who does things fast pace. Elena is Reinas backbone and her comfort as Riena is hers. Though, her peaceful personality is a brilliant disguise. It’s normal for people to trust her with everything but depending on the situation, Elena will betray people in a heartbeat if it plays in her favor and won’t tell them until the last minute.

Personal History:

Following her older sister, Elena was born at 12:02 AM on November 22nd in Okinawa, Japan. She was born to Gene Skye, a Marine stationed in Okinawa and Toyo (Nakai) a native of Japan. Unlike her older sister who was a child prodigy, she grew up normally. She was average but it didn’t stop her from being outgoing and being a little brat at times. She would constantly get into things and expand her curiosity (sometimes almost poking something into a light socket). Her father brought it upon himself to teacher her English first and her mother taught her Japanese second. It was harder for Elena to learn Japanese but with the combined efforts of her parents, she became fluent in it as she grew older. Her mother taught her piano when she was four but Elena showed little interest in it. She much preferred bashing the keys which led her father to have an idea. He bought a small drum set and she would pound away at it. Instead of learning the piano, she learned to play the drums.

Along with Riena, Elena was sent to kindergarten and enjoyed every moment of it. She was outgoing so she was able to make friends quickly. She would always be the shelter to Riena each time she felt uncomfortable and felt a piece of her leave once Riena was placed in a private kindergarten. During this time, Elena began to feel jealous that Riena was getting a higher education than she was and she became a bit vain when Riena would complain how stupid it really was.

Throughout this time she had a strong bond with her twin. Since they were toddlers they were inseparable. They were able to know what was on the others mind at times and Riena confided everything into Elena. Elena was Rienas tower, her protector and savior. She would fend off anyone who pestered Riena and she would comfort her when she was distressed.

When she was six, her mother revealed to her daughters that she was a witch, a magician of sorts. She lovingly taught her children the art but it was Elena disliked the art. The only type of magic she took interest in was healing. It seemed like fun and that was the main sort of magic that her mother taught her for she rejected everything else.

At age eight, her father had been promoted Brigadier General and was told to relocate back to the States. After much whining and begging, Elena and Riena convince their father to let their mother and themselves live in New York city (as they had thought that it was a grand place with wonderful lights and colors) while he lived in DC. Gene unwillingly agreed and the trip was set. They were able to get a moderate apartment and Toyo had placed Elena in a top notch public school. Like Riena, she had commented how the education system felt weaker as she was doing things she was already taught back home. Nevertheless, she continued to learn and just like back home, she made friends quickly and was generally accepted.

One day, her mother took her out of school early for a doctor’s appointment. They went home a bit early and Elena began to watch cartoons in her room and had fallen asleep. At the same time, a man approached the house, her mother opened the door and he began to attack her once he entered their home. The man was able to subdue her mother and bring her upstairs. He began to raid the home and at that time, Elena woke up. She went downstairs to find the man raiding one of the closets. Her next action changed the way she thought completely. She threw a vase at him (and it missed horribly) but she stood her ground. He was able to grab her and take her up to the room where her mother was and began to beat her mother. He then attacked her. Elena began to blame herself. Why had she confronted him? She was only a child and she thought she could take him down. To her surprise, once she was about to be struck again the man was brought down and Riena stood at the doorway. She continued to beat him with a bat until the man knocked her out. Policemen arrived shortly after at the home on a disturbance call and took the man away. When the police had disappeared from the room for a moment to call an ambulance, Toyo took it upon herself to heal her older child. Elena watched as she nearly completed the difficult spell but stopped and muttered to herself ”I could never do that to my child.” When she asked her mother, Toyo confessed that what she had done was foolish. She was so desperate to heal her child that she was willing to shorten her life by half and even if the spell didn’t work, there was a possibility that she would have killed her own child over wounds that weren’t severe. Elena watched as her mother wept at her careless choice as a few police men began returning to the room.

Elena stayed with Riena until she woke and told her everything. Riena was quiet then she promised Elena she would protect her and she would never doubt herself again. Elena mentally stated she would never act out again, fearing something like what had happened would happen again and from this point on, their roles reversed.

Elena became much quieter since the event. Her friends noticed this but her teachers understood her situation (as her mother had talked to them about it). As Riena became more outgoing, Elena followed her, still wanting to be her protector. After Riena was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, she believed that it had been caused by the man who had hit her years ago in their home. She began to blame herself for her condition even after Riena was deemed stable. Elena would constantly disapprove of what Riena was doing afterwards, stating she was way too young to do idiotic things but Riena never listened until she nearly died.

Riena was caught in a turf war while walking around and since Elena was nearby, she was quick to act. She pulled her into an alleyway but then paused and thought. She wanted to desperately save her sisters life but if she were to complete the spell that her mother had placed on her years earlier, there was a chance that Riena would die. Faced with fear and jealousy, Elena completed the spell her mother had placed on Riena half hoping that she would live, and half hoping that it would utterly kill her as she was still jealous of what her sister had. After completion, she began to notice that the wound itself was beginning to heal. She then cursed herself because she had known what she had done.

She followed her sister to the hospital and when she woke, she then explained that she saved her life by completing their mothers spell. She didn’t know how much or how long but Riena now had a shorter life because of Elena. She never confessed her confused feelings to her sister, fearing she would detest her from then on since she had held her life within her hands for those few moments. She was afraid to confess that she acted mostly on jealousy rather than fear as well.

After the event, Riena confided in Elena that she wanted to travel the world like in the movies. After helping her sister convince their parents to let her go, they agreed on the grounds that Elena would go with her and that they would check in with them at every stop they made. A month later, the twins graduated high school and they left the state.

Fandom: Original