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Kazuki Ramos

I'm not your Gameboy. - Freezepop

Never allowed happiness

Name: Kazuki Ramos
Nickname: Ka
Age: 19 | 30 (GX)
Birthday: February 4th

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde (colors her hair often)
Skin: Pale
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 120
Build: Skinny, delicate and fragile, physically weak
Blood Type: O
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Gemstone: Turquoise
Deck Type: Trap and Magic

Likes: Cherries, texting, action/comedy movies, origami, traveling, voice acting, and photography.
Dislikes: Garbage, Pia's cracked moments, being toyed with, having blood drawn, getting smacked in the face with anything (via a book or duel disk, doesn’t matter), whiny children, and being away from home.

Strong Points: Patience, contemplates her actions before moving forward, and is quite good with handling money.
Has Trouble With: Keeping her patience with Pia, watching movies in a crowded theater, and learning new languages.

Dream: Is to live in a comfortable house and live an adequate life style.

Personality: Hard working, loyal, independent, (very) honest, blunt, somewhat quiet, assertive when determined, trusting, and cautious when meeting new people.

Personal History:

Born in Canada to Canadian and Mexican parents, Kazuki was born a girl, much to her parents dismay. So much so that they had already picked out her name (which is why her first name is a boys name) and had refused to change it. Ka never really knew why her parents wanted a boy since they never discussed the situation with her 'nor did she ever ask. The relationship between her parents were on strained grounds as she grew.

During her childhood, Ka took up gymnastics and sports (resulting in her small chest size, she speculates) to see if she could please her parents. It was so-so. Ka grew up in a normal middle-class family but was never awarded with money so she would often take up what she got or make things. When Ka became thirteen, she won a medal for gymnastics but quit soon after because she began to slowly dislike the sport.

After she entered high school, Ka took up the trend of not really caring for anything. She quit sports because she found them too 'troublesome' since they were in the way of her studies (she maintained a 3.7 GPA).

As everyone else does throughout life, she received a devastating blow after her father passed away after being in a car accident. It was a confusing time for her as she didn't know whether or not to be in sheer tears or at least a bit sad that he passed. She was neither and never really understood why. This prompted some of her family members to believe she was heartless. Nevertheless, at one point, her mother somehow made a small fortune after her fathers death and helped pay for Ka's college tuition.

Ka went to a local college right after high school and spent two years completing her generals. During her second year, an abroad program was opened and she instantly joined. The country they were to visit was Japan and when they had arrived, she was utterly amazed since it reminded her so much of New York city; only in Japanese. One day, shortly after she had left her host family to go with her class to tour the city, she had gotten lost (particularly quickly). She tried to phone a classmate, but was unable to make contact. She wandered, lost and alone in a foreign land for two days until she decided that she might have more luck if she were to go to the police station. She quickly made way for the station, but a heavy rain had come down causing her to lose direction in the dark. She was eventually found and taken in by Pia. Pia then later introducted her to duel monsters and helped her learn Japanese.

Duelist Kingdom

The time she spent with Pia was excruciating. She was constantly convinced that Pia suffered from an extreme case of bipolar Mania as she was constantly hyper and there were seldom times that she was actually calm and peaceful. During one of the few times she was alone, she found a poster stating that there was going to be a tournament on an island in a few months. Ka entered herself into the tournament but was rejected shortly after because she lacked any skills to play. She felt utterly dejected but then found herself sneaking onto the boat headed for Duel Kingdom a few months later after Pia quickly got wind of the tournament.

They stayed with the cargo but not for very long. Pia got the idea to visit the captain of the ship and Ka quickly followed, constantly trying to get her back to cargo. Pia was able to get into the helm of the ship and after an array of emotions and phrased words, the captain was knocked out and Ka was steering the ship. Ka was utterly panicky, adorned the captains jacket and hat and was able to steer the ship to the island the whole way.

The girls managed to get off without anyone noticing them. Ka still believes that it was an utter miracle that no one questioned or even caught them while coming on and off the boat. Ka often caught fish so that they were able to eat each day and avoided security any chance she had. On several occasions, she was almost caught but most of the times it was Pia that saved her. Once again, they managed sneak into Pegasus’s castle and stayed until they were kicked out and thrown off the island once the duel between Jono and Yugi commenced. Ka ended up not speaking to Pia for two months because of the whole incident.

Battle City

Ka received an invitation in the mail that she was offered a chance to join in the Battle City Tournament. Ka leapt at the chance and instantly entered herself in. She was often dragged by Pia as various duelists came out of nowhere to duel them (Pia also often mocked duelists, stating that Ka could beat them all). At one point, Ka ditched Pia for a breather after she wound up dueling a young woman in a clothing shop. She ended up dueling an older woman in a back alley and won the Right Arm of Exodia from her.

Somehow, Pia eventually met Malik and was convinced that he was a good man. She attempted to convince Ka that he was good but she never bought it and constantly told Pia that the young boy seemed cruel. Pia dragged Ka around as she followed Maliks’ orders to duel people and (or) steal their rare cards. At one point, they met Yugi’s group and in turn, they convinced Pia that what Ka had been telling her the entire time had been true; that Malik was evil. Ka felt relieved but then later found herself in a duel with one of the Rare Hunters because of Pia.

The final eight had been announced and Ka had ranked in tenth place while Pia ranked eleventh. Ka was quite content at the outcome but Pia had other ideas. Again, Ka found herself being dragged by Pia as she snuck them aboard Kaibas blimp undetected. They stayed hidden until the next day when the duel was commencing. Security eventually caught them and attempted to lock them in a room since they were unable to land and properly kick them off. Jono and Honda witnessed security attempting to lock the girls in a room for the duration of the travel but convinced them that it wouldn’t hurt if they watched since they weren’t in the tournament anymore anyway. They were sent to Kaiba who was furious that there were more people who didn’t need to be on the blimp and eventually agreed that they could watch then ordered a full sweep over the flying vessel so that they could weed out anyone else who decided to sneak on.

Noah's Virtual World

After the remaining duelists advanced, there was a small fest to congratulate the final four. That night, Ka came down with food poisoning and was unable to stand. She developed a small fever during the night and when morning came, she was utterly wasted. Unable to move, she bade Pia to go with the party without her but when she wouldn’t budge, she threatened her and she quickly left.

Duel Tower

By this time, her fever had gone down after a day. She was unable to view the final duel and she was better by the time they arrived back in Domino.

Millennium World

Now twenty, Pia continued to drag Ka along everywhere she went, even to meet Yugi’s group to say hello. Several months had gone by since the last tournament Ka was becoming more reserved and mature. Her attitude with Pia had improved slightly but she still often grew impatient with her. During the months they were away from the party, Ka took up photography and voice acting as side hobbies and grew quite fond of them. Ka was briefly told that Yugi’s party would be going to Egypt for something but Ka had to stay behind because she was scheduled to voice a scene for a children’s cartoon that ended up taking two days to take. As always, Pia dragged Ka behind her, this time out of the country and to Egypt. They landed in Ciaro and ended up getting lost in the city shortly after they arrived. Ka was miserable after a few hours. Somehow, Pia managed to gain access to two camels and they ended up traveling the desert.

When night fell, Ka felt it necessary to drop dead in the desert until she spotted what looked like a hole in the ground. They rushed to the hole and found that there were actually stairs that lead down to God knew where. They ended up investigating only to find that the tomb held Egyptian hieroglyphics. After Pia fumbled around the tomb, Ka eventually pushed her into one of the slabs and they found themselves in the desert... again.

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! (GX)