False Truths
The Forgotten


Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. - Oprah Winfrey

Fears being forgotten

Name: Kyoki
Nickname: Death's Hand
Age: 27?
Birthday: ?

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange
Skin: Medium tan
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120
Build: Athletic, tough and wiry, heavily muscled
Blood Type: A
Sun Sign: ?
Gemstone: ?
Blood Type: ?
Sun Sign: ?

Likes: Oranges, oranges, oranges, oranges, Momo-kun, oranges, oranges, and more oranges.
Dislikes: People who don't want to play with him.

Strong Points: He has quite a bit of energy. He's like a human energizer bunny.
Has Trouble With: Understanding basic things and common sense.

Personality: Kyoki is mentally unstable. He will act like a childish six year old in an important situation and do what he wants to do. If you object to his actions, well, you just created a death sentence for yourself.

Personal History:

Not much is actually known about dear Kyoki. Not his past, not who he was, or even how he came to be, but archives from time show that he was a young man destined to become CEO of a powerful corporation. He was a fiancÚ to a beautiful woman he loved dearly and was on his way to the good life. Unfortunately, he was apparently struck head on by a car on his way to work one day. He was entered into the hospital records as 'critical condition' and stayed that way for a few weeks. The accident had left him in a coma as well as left some unseen brain damage. The doctors hadn't noticed the change in his brain patterns until one day they started to change rapidly. They couldn't find the source of what was going on with his brain, and feared it would trigger some sort of attack on his body, leading him to death until they found the source. A nurse had apparently mistook him for a cancer patient in a coma, and had been giving him treatment as he slept. With the new found drugs running in his system, they made his wounds even worse.

Once Kyoki awoke from his coma, he was released a while later as he turned out to be normal. He recovered nicely, his brain was fully functional after the incident, and he seemed to remember everything. His job placed him on temporary leave as so that he could gather himself and his personal life back on track, unfortunately, that never happened.

Shortly after his release, Kyoki's brain patterns began to distort, becoming abnormal and causing him to confuse fantasy with reality. He soon was unable to control his thoughts and emotions which ultimately led him to his first killing spree.

During next few months, Kyoki tried to sustain himself as well as get help but was unable to. The emotions were rampant, and at random times, he would have outbursts, which would often lead to someones death. Fangs, possibly from an odd combination of the chemo and his brain patterns, started to emerge, giving him a more animalistic look. His hair had changed from a beautiful brown color, to a light orange color (also a possible result from the chemo) and he began to ignored his nails which grew to an unnatural length. He found himself growing thinner and thinner, as he both worried and cared less, and less for food. He then realized he was becoming psychotic and was unable to control himself any longer.

Kyoki would eventually discard his old self, and just submit to something he couldn't control. Forgetting all of his previous memories, Kyoki succumbed to his new found mental disabilities, as well as his unusual craving for oranges and desire to run rampant.

Through Kyoki's travels, he some how wound up in Africa where a local tribe mistook him for a devil because of the way he acted and the way he looked. A few weeks beforehand, he had given up clothing as it bothered him so, and inevitably became a nudist.

The tribe, wanting to please him and not let him kill anyone, took him in and tattooed markings on his feet, thighs, lower legs, hands, lower arm, and face (unfortunately, he killed a few people, as the tattoos did hurt him quite a bit). Ultimately, he was pleased with the result and left the tribe which went into mourning.

One day, in an unknown country (somewhere in Asia), he was viewing a row of kunai. The man who ran the store offered him some (as to get him out quickly for he was scaring away his costumers with his nudity) and Kyoki took three. When the man demanded money for them, Kyoki sliced him down and promptly left.

Currently, Kyoki can be found pestering and giving Mono a heart attack.

Fandom: Original