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Leonard de Devereux

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. - Archimedes

A savior for the weak

Name: Leonard de Devereux
Nickname: Leon, Leo
Age: 25
Birthday: September 30

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150
Build: Athletic, tough and wiry, heavily muscled
Blood Type: AB
Sun Sign: Libra
Gemstone: Opal

Likes: Reading medical books, law, practicing medicine, Boston cakes, playing a guitar or harmonica, taking pictures, and watching long movies, dozing off in the sun on a nice day, and politics.
Dislikes: Insubordination, carrot cakes, rude men, living with irritable people, reverse psychology, lost causes, and turtles.

Strong Points: Taking care of people, calculating events that may occur, being patient, calm, understanding, and is open minded.
Has Trouble With: An occasional hot head, arrogant when his adrenaline is rushing, any type of gambling, and remembering names.

Personality: Leon is quite calm, patient, and is able to understand people’s problems once they seek him for help. He has an eternal love for medicine and will often jump at the chance to learn new things in the medical field. He has an optimistic view on life but often readies himself for the worst possible outcome since he knows and understands that not everything will come out fine and dandy like in a storybook ending.

Personal History:

Leon was born in Britain to German and British parents. His mother came from the blood line of Devereux, a family whose roots were rich and deep in Britain’s history. He grew up as a normal child but in a dysfunctional family. When he was born, his parents were arguing and edging towards divorce. It finally happened when he was four but neither of them wanted custody of him. He was sent to an orphanage where he was adopted by a German couple who lovingly raised him. His new father was a doctor and he would often bring Leon into his office because his new mother had work and hadn’t set up a babysitter yet. These long days of being in a doctor’s office intrigued him and made him ask constant questions about anything medical. This made his new father excited and a strong bond was created between them.

He entered a German elementary school when he was six and gained an education. During this time, many family members of his new family came and revealed themselves to him that they were mostly musicians. They taught him various instruments but the ones he was most fond of were a harmonica and guitar. He would often bring a harmonica with him to school and play it each time he was let out for recess.

While everything was quiet and normal, he had forgotten where he had actually came from when his original father, Thomas Schulze came back to claim Leon. Joseph, Leon’s adopted father quickly looked into the situation and had Thomas arrested. Once Leon asked, he explained that Thomas was involved in very bad things and he didn’t want to see his son involved with it. At this point his carefree attitude turned colder as he traced his roots back and began to blame his original parents on anything.

One of Leons’ uncles gave him the opportunity to go to America when he was thirteen. Leon agreed and followed his uncle and his band to America and soon learned they were going on tour for their music. Once in the US, Leon had a love-hate relationship with the country. He adored the people and loved how the country was a big cooking pot of the world. On the other hand, he hated the country for the people’s attitudes and various laws that stopped him from doing things that was alright in Germany but shunned upon in the US. He stayed for two years until his uncle had to go back to Germany. He requested to stay in the US and he was placed in a private boarding school for boys in California when he was seventeen.

During a PE class he met Riena. She had successfully infiltrated the school and was jumping around like some sort of spy. This intrigued Leon and made him follow her as she explored the school. She could come back various times and talk to him. He confided his family situation to her and she expressed why he was so angry at his original parents when he had loving ones now. He seemed dumbfounded but explained that the reason must have been he wanted to blame everything on them when it was his fault if he didn’t do something right. From that point, his emotion lightened and he became carefree once more. Riena invited him to join her on her journey across the country but Leon was able to convince her that he wanted to go back to Germany for a while. After patiently waiting for Leon to graduate from boarding school, they smuggled themselves out of the country and into Europe.

Leon is the main provider for Riena as she constantly seeks him for medical help for her mental problems.

Fandom: Original