False Truths
The Forgotten

London Phelps

”In my dreams there's a place without war. No more guns, no more pain, no more hurt. It's a world full of joy without sadness. People sing, people dance with all happiness!” - My Dream DHT< p> xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: London, Lond
Age: 24
Birthday: xxxxxxxxxxx

Eyes: xxxxxxx
Hair: xxxxxxx
Skin: xxxxxxx
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120
Build: Slender, tough and wiry, heavily muscled
Distinguishing Marks or Traits: London has various markings around the middle of her body but she’s able to hide the markings with things such as make up or clothes. She juggles, can’t sleep when it rains or snows and will clean someone else’s home but not her own. She suffers from ticks (she must touch her belt every so often when she’s nervous) and insomnia.

Blood Type: AB
Sun Sign: xxxx

Likes: Old western movies, rain, clever jokes, journals, hot showers, R&B, Rock, body sprays and bottles
Dislikes: People who purposely hurt themselves, people disrespectful to older generations, people who try to open her up, people in general, animals, bubble gum pop music

Strong Points: Strong willed, demanding, open minded, thorough, self reliant, independent, quick, courageous and determined
Has Trouble With: Can hold grudges for long periods of time, doesn’t trust anyone, constantly lies, unpredictable, seems detached, harsh, often takes charge, cunning, daredevil

Personality: London is a very unhappy person. She gets a thrill out of stealing and prefers not to be around people. She can be talkative but likes her space. She suffers from insomnia which could be why she’s so cold.

Personal History:

London was born in Berlin, Germany to a homeless couple who quickly placed her in an orphanage. London grew up only knowing the orphanage and the nuns that would hit her each time she did something rash. She was always curious and outgoing but she began stealing when she was six. She was caught a few times but whenever something went missing and no one knew what happened to it, it was most likely that London had taken it.

She was never really adopted. People who wanted to would soon reject her after she began to violently act out against them. At age ten, she would run away and wander the streets of Germany. She would wander for quite a while, traveling from Germany to France and Italy. She would eventually make her way to the states and begin to get an education. She would get her GED when she was 19 and around this time, she was already making a name for herself.

London is now 24 and one of the last notorious cat burglars who are still around or haven’t been caught yet.

Fandom: Original