False Truths
The Forgotten

Reina Skye

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success. - Bruce Feirstein

A psychotic pest, the Liar

Name: Reina Skye
Nickname: Rei
Age: 23
Birthday: November 21 (11.57 PM)

Eyes: Azure
Hair: Brunette (she colors it often)
Skin: Dark tan
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 114 (underweight)
Build: Slender, tough and wiry, well toned muscles
Blood Type: O
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Gemstone: Topaz

Likes: Getting into mischief, playing detective, caring for children, being the leader, urban life, abandoned buildings, and the underground.
Dislikes: Getting caught, poorly executed plans, missing flights or rides, watching abuse, taking her pills, listening to the news, most perfumes, and waking up early.

Strong Points: Casting spells, strategy, thinking ahead, and convincing people.
Has Trouble With: Stopping herself after her mind is set, appreciating others, and knowing when to stop.

Distinguishing Marks or Traits: Reina has an astounding IQ of 180 but also has Schizophrenia which she must keep in check each day with a series of pills she takes to keep herself sane. She has also picked up the habit of smoking when she's thinking to hard or too much.

Rienas body is also able to heal her one hundred times faster than that of the normal human. It will only take her three days to a week for her to fully recover for serious wounds and less than a day for normal wounds. When she is fatally injured, her body will nearly shut down and it will appear as if she has died when her body is actually repairing itself.

Dream: Has already completed her first dream in seeing the world. Her second is to return to New York City and live with her family.

Personality: Riena is all over the place. She is loving, thoughtful, faithful, honest, truthful, and giving. On the other hand she is (criminally) insane, rude, loud, vain, harsh, and depending on the situation, will convincingly lie to your face. Riena goes where situations take her and will involve herself with anything that even seems remotely interesting to her. Her (destructive) personality and 'do-what-I-want' mind set has her targeted for various people. She knows people who work at police stations, Government facilities, high-end businesses, and even country clubs because of what she's done and she has also involved herself in mob activities (by beating the utter crap out of them). She assumes various names as to protect her beloved sister and family.

Personal History:

Riena was born at 11:57 PM on November 21st in Okinawa, Japan and was soon followed by her younger sister, Elena. They were born to Gene Skye, a Marine stationed in Okinawa and Toyo (Nakai) a native of Japan. Riena grew up peacefully and was taught her mother’s traditions before her fathers. She was taught Japanese before English and began to surprise her parents once she was learning faster than her younger sibling. She began walking at near seven months and began talking at nine months. She picked up things at a quicker and faster pace than a normal child. She began to slowly read nearing age two and began to fully read when she was two and a half. At this time, she also took it upon herself to begin writing. Her parents were astonished by this progression and continued to teach her as she grew. Her mother began to teach her how to play the violin at three but then taught her the piano at five when Riena grew tired of the violin.

Along with Elena, Riena was sent to kindergarten but proved an instant dislike of it. Riena was too shy to approach anyone and when children approached her, she would run away and hide. She would never do the work that the teacher gave them and when asked she stated she already knew it. Intrigued, her teacher gave her harder work and found that Riena was able to work at a 6th grade level. Her parents then took her out of public school after this discovery and placed her in a private school, much to her distaste.

Throughout this time, she had a strong bond with her twin. Since they were toddlers they were inseparable. They were able to know what was on the others mind at times and Riena confided everything into her younger sister. Riena sought comfort from her as at the time, she had been shy, modest, and fearful. Elena was always the one to stand up and protect her; she was like her savior. Riena always thought of Elena as a super hero in disguise but never stated it to her. When she was place in private school, she felt truly alone. In public school, Elena had been her sanctuary and without Elena around, she felt alone.

When she was six, her mother revealed to her daughters that she was a witch, a magician of sorts. She lovingly taught her children the art but it was Riena who took up a true liking to it. Each day she would run back home from school and quietly demand more teachings from her mother to which she obliged.

At age eight, her father had been promoted Brigadier General and was told to relocate back to the States. After much whining and begging, Riena and Elena convince their father to let their mother and themselves live in New York city (as they had thought that it was a grand place with wonderful lights and colors) while he lived in DC. Gene unwillingly agreed and the trip was set. They were able to get a moderate apartment and Toyo had placed Riena back into a private school. Riena disliked the school, stating that the education seemed weaker than in Japan. She was quiet and was constantly approached in school but always fled as she had no security from Elena. Her teachers began giving her high school work but she had already begun to lose interest. They then attempted to give her college level work but at that point she showed no interest in school in general.

The school had begun to pester her mother, asking to give her harder tests and even IQ tests but her mother denied, stating that Riena had no interest in that sort of thing. This went on for a year until Riena came home one day to find the front door slightly ajar. She instantly felt ill and stepped into the living room carefully. It appeared that there was a small scuffle but aside from that, everything was silent. Riena would then proceed into the home to find her mother unconscious and her sister next to her body weeping and wounded from the head. In the room would be a strange man that looked like some sort of drifter. The young girl then fled and hid in one of the rooms nearby. After hearing her sisters cry and thinking of herself as a coward, she took a bat from her room, went back into the room and attacked the man when he was about to strike Elena again with all her might and brought him down. She continued to strike him each time he got up until he finally struck her, knocking her unconscious.

When she woke up, she was in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm. Her mother was a sleep and her sister was in her bed. She explained that the police came in afterwards because of a noise disturbance. Before they took Riena away, she then explained that their mother did something magically to her. Their mother stated she couldn't complete what she was doing because she didn’t want to kill her child and left Riena to the hospital. At that point Riena promised to Elena that she wouldn't be fearful anymore, that she would be her protector instead of seeking her help. At this point, their roles reversed.

Riena became more confident since the event. Her father came home because of the attack and was given permission to live with his family until he was needed. Riena became more open in school and her parents approved of this-- to a point. As she grew, her family began to notice she had been changing. Her personality seemed to become more inward again but it was Riena who first noticed something was wrong. She pestered her mother, telling her that something was mentally wrong but her mother believed she was playing until Riena became violent. She began stating that she was seeing things that weren’t there and hearing voices in her head that were telling her to do horrid things. This lasted for months until her parents finally took her to a doctor after she lashed out at a fellow student. Various tests were done including an IQ test and it was found that Riena was an utter genius with an IQ of 180 but also had Schizophrenia. She was prescribed pills which she was to take three times a day to keep her mind sane, taught different things to keep her mind calm then was sent off after she deemed stable.

When she was fourteen Riena began missing school and when she was seventeen she was often missing from home. She worried her parents near death but wherever Riena was, Elena was sure to follow. Elena began to become fearful as Riena began to hang around older teens and getting herself into trouble. She was often brought home by escort of a police officer. Her parents began fearing that she was becoming a trouble maker but one day, she nearly died.

While walking in downtown New York with her sister far behind her, she was caught in the cross fire of a turf war. She was fatally shot and near death. Her sister came to her aid and with quick thinking completed the spell that her mother had put on her when she was nine. When she awoke in a hospital she was completely healed. Elena then explained that it was a useful healing spell that their mother attempted to put on her. The only thing that stopped their mother from completing it was that there was a chance the person could die and even if they survived then they would be cursed as their life would be shortened by half.

The young girl decided she would take a road trip. She convinced her parents she wanted to see the world and she believed that she was liable to go since there was nothing in New York that interested her anymore. After a few months of talking it over, her parents reluctantly agreed on the condition that Elena followed and they checked in at every stop they were to make. Riena agreed and after a month of waiting, both girls graduated high school and promptly left the state.

Fandom: Original