False Truths
The Forgotten


”What's slower than a speeding bullet, and able to hit tall buildings at a single bound?” - Airplane!

Ignorance is truly a curse

Name: Sybella
Nickname: Bella (abhors it)
Age: 20
Birthday: February 29

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light green
Skin: Pale
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 124
Build: Skinny, curvaceous and sensual, average strength
Blood Type: B
Sun Sign: Pisces
Gemstone: Garnet
Party: Ponyta, Abra, and Squirtle

Likes: Coming up with inventions, working for Rocket scientists, white wine, launching surprise attacks, sitting next to a river, watching others suffer, and turnips.
Dislikes: Being called Bella, unable to hold an audience with Giovanni when needed, losing anything in general, being belittled, traveling by foot, and any type of fondue.

Strong Points: A good observer, doubles as a spy when needed, deeply cares for her Pokemon, and follows rules, and objectives to the point.
Has Trouble With: Often over trains her Pokemon, refuses to admit defeat, keeping her anger in check, staying in her rank (has a bad habit of going over her superiors to get what she needs), and using drugs when alone.

Personality: Sybella has quite a big ego and often times, it is her downfall. She is slightly vain and feels like she has a God-like complex as she refuses to fail her missions and takes each one seriously. She refuses to return to base unless she has given it her all and more. She is not the typical ‘determined, hard-working Rocket’ but rather, she is someone who wants to make someone else’s ambitions and dreams come true, mainly Giovanni’s. The only determination she has it to help Team Rocket climb to the top.

Personal History:

When a parent has a new child, they teach them the basics of life. Treat others nicely, don't hit others, some people are bad, ect. ect. Sybella was never taught these things. It was at an early age that her mother decided to become a Pokemon Master and her father followed her after she disappeared. She was never taught to not talk to strangers, right is better than wrong and Pokemon don't die when they faint. After watching a TV show about a boy being lost and having an adventure, she decided to have one too. Sybella left her caretakers home at the age of five and has been adventuring since. She later joined Team Rocket, fascinated by what they did and believed it to be better than all else.

Fandom: Pokemon